9 Indoor Activities in Pittsburgh for Adults

We know how hard it is to find a winter activity that keeps you engaged and warm at the same time. Ice skating and skiing are a blast, but require you to bundle up against the cold. Perhaps it’s time for indoor adventures around Pittsburgh. There are museums in many neighborhoods, restaurants and shops scattered around the city, and specialty entertainment venues ready to make your day (or evening) off a memorable one. Plan a whole day out with the list below, and you will be climbing to tall heights, solving mystery puzzles with your besties, and competing against your loved ones in axe throwing.

Museum of Illusions Pittsburgh

North Shore

This new museum on the North Shore immerses you into the world of illusions, where nothing is quite as it seems. Explore a spinning Vortex Tunnel, tiptoe through the Tilted Room, and even serve up your own head on a silver platter. Sound crazy? You’ll just have to trust us and go see for yourself.


Strip District

This mini golf course will make you feel like you’re living in the future. With new technology, the golf balls at Puttshack track your game for you, scoring you points depending on how you play the game. Unlike regular mini golf, you’ll want to score as many points as possible by landing your ball in the glowing supertube or hitting bonus goals.


South Side, Point Breeze

Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t go rock climbing. At Ascend there are exercise activities like bouldering, top-roping, slacklining, and much more. They also have a yoga area with classes offered dailey so that even if high energy exercising isn’t your thing, you can still get your body moving. 

Arsenal Bowl


This isn’t your grandma’s regular bowling alley. At Arsenal Bowl, which is only for those 21 and over after 9 p.m., you get an old-school bowling experience in a nightclub atmosphere. The alley has different specials all week long so check out their schedule for live band nights, all-you-can-bowl discounts, and drink specials. 


Millvale, Mount Lebanon

Grab some friends, book a private lane at Lumberjaxes, and enjoy delicious food while you compete for the spot of Axe Throwing Champion. You’ll get a quick axe throwing lesson then be left to play different games throughout your session. Plus, near their Millvale location, you can take part in indoor ice curling during the winter months with a full service bar. 

Escape the Room

South Side

Escape rooms bring out the best and the worst of us all in the funniest way possible. Work together with a group of friends at Escape the Room to solve various puzzles in different themed rooms. Right now you can choose to explore The Agency, The Apartment, or The Dig — each with a unique storyline and plenty of tricks to solve. 


North Shore, Waterfront

With two different locations in Pittsburgh you can choose from Shorty’s Tap and Taco at the Waterfront or Pins and Pints on the North Shore. At either location, you’ll be welcomed into a space that embraces retro entertainment. After you grab a bite to eat, take part in duckpin bowling, pinball, darts, 

Coop de Ville

Strip District

Who said you have to be a kid to enjoy the arcade? At Coop de Ville you can dig into all the Southern comfort food you love and put your quarters to use in the classic arcade. If video games aren’t your thing they also have duckpin bowling, pinball, and billiards so your whole friend group has something they can relish in. 

Pittsburgh Pinball Dojo


This ones for all the pinball fanatics out there. Practice your skills on over 50 machines from all across the decades at Pittsburgh Pinball Dojo. If you stop in during their Open Play events, you can pay just $15 and play any of the machines for as long as you’d like. Make sure to bring your own food and beer or buy snacks there and hang out all evening long.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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