How to Pittsburgh

We aim to present to you the stuff of bucket lists: things you want to try, things you long to revisit, things you want to know more about, so that your Pittsburgh roots grow deeper and stronger. And happier, too! Please let us know what you’d like to add. We’d love to hear from you.

How to Pittsburgh | Hometown Favorites [Video]

The Warhol Academy helps showcase some of TABLE Magazine’s hometown food favorites in the city of Bridges.

7 Pittsburgh Sweet-tooth Opportunities

Artist, author, and cookie activist Jasmine Cho knows about baked goods. She shares with TABLE readers some lovely sweet-tooth opportunities.

4 Pittsburgh Area Farms with Exceptional Market Finds

TABLE staff suggests some of their favorite delicious, exceptional, farm-grown farmers’ market finds.

3 Pittsburgh Bread Bakeries that Rise to the Occasion

Pittsburgh Chef Daniele Brenci, author of Advanced Bread Baking at Home, shares a few of his bread destinations.

8 Pittsburgh Coffee Shops That Take You Beyond the Latte

Coffee culture in Pittsburgh is thriving.

Sip Around Gluten Intolerance at 3 Pittsburgh Area Hot Spots

Sip your way around gluten intolerance at these 3 recommended Pittsburgh area establishments with tasty cocktails.

3 Cold Drink Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

Cold drink recipes by Joe Starkey, on-air host for 93.7 The Fan and writer for the Post-Gazette, to beat the summer heat.

11 Hot Spots in Pittsburgh for Beer Flights and Tastings

TABLE staff suggests places where flights, combos, and beer tastings will expand your hops horizons.

Long Weekend? Try One of These 5 Short Trips from Pittsburgh

When you only have a few days to spare, a brief drive out of town might be all it takes to refresh the mind.

How to Pittsburgh | Local Architecture & Public Art [Video]

The Warhol Academy's shares some of the region's local architecture and public art as showcased in TABLE Magazine's How to Pittsburgh issue.

How to Pittsburgh | Art for Everyone [Video]

The Warhol Academy’ brings some local art to life, showcased in TABLE Magazine’s ‘How to Pittsburgh’ issue.

Expand Your Local Knowledge with These 8 Pittsburgh Tours

Even if you’ve lived in Pittsburgh your entire life, there’s always something new to be learned.

5 Places to Feel Like a Kid in Pittsburgh

Kids aren’t the only ones that get to have fun.

Get Outside the Box with These 3 Pittsburgh Theater Companies

A selection of innovative Pittsburgh theater companies. 

Pittsburgh on the Water

Test the waters with recommendations from Riverlife president and CEO, Matthew Galluzzo that get you on or close to Pittsburgh rivers.

3 Must-Visit Pittsburgh Bookstores with Live Performances

The bookstore experience is made even better with live performances.


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