Giving Guide 2023: The Westmoreland Food Bank

The Westmoreland Food Bank works to ensure that all who need a helping hand receive the healthy and nutritious food that they need to thrive. Our mission is to enable all Westmoreland County residents who are hungry or at risk of hunger to have ready access to food. The Westmoreland Food Bank is a Member Food Bank of Feeding America—one of over 200 across the country. 

The Westmoreland Food Bank hosts a network of 40 food pantries: produce, pantry staples, dairy and protein items are distributed to thousands of families each and every month. Partnerships with 20 other community programs provide hot meals at shelters and day programs, after-school snacks for children, and other essentials for neighbors in need. 

In addition to these core food distribution methods, numerous specialty programs reach all corners of the county to provide additional resources. 1,500 senior citizens are served through the Senior Food Box Program. Over 500 children participate in Weekend Backpack and Summer Meal programs to ensure they have the nutrition they need throughout the year to grow, learn, and play. Each month, we serve veterans and military families at Military Share Distributions. Fresh Express and Mobile Market are mobile solutions that travel to different locations throughout the county weekly, offering fresh and perishable foods. Each of these programs operate to ensure that perishable rescued food reaches homes instead of landfills. 

In order to continuously improve, our organization operates an outreach and expansion initiative to evaluate the ever changing needs in communities across the county. Through this effort, we gauge increases in demand, the number of partners we currently engage, and determine ways that we can better serve a community in need. Through this effort, we’ve opened new food pantries, increased capacities of existing partners, and expanded our partner network. 

Economic pressures and rising food costs are stretching grocery budgets and causing children, seniors, and families to go without the healthy and nutritious foods they need to thrive, causing more hunger and uncertainty ahead of another challenging holiday season. As food, fuel, and consumer prices fluctuate across the nation, the Westmoreland Food Bank continues to be available to those who find themselves with empty cupboards and extra days before the next paycheck arrives. The Westmoreland Food Bank provides more than just food. The organization provides a network of hope and helping hands to neighbors across the county. 

The Westmoreland Food Bank continues to appreciate the support shown, both past and present, as we work to effectively ensure that no one faces hunger in Westmoreland County. For people throughout Westmoreland County, the Westmoreland Food Bank ensures that those in need receive more of what they need.

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Story and Photography by The Westmoreland County Food Bank

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