3 Cold Drink Recipes to Beat the Summer Heat

Cold drink recipes by Joe Starkey, on-air host for 93.7 The Fan and writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, to beat the summer heat.

Cran Club

As they called it in the Old Country, although I’m not sure which country. I think I may have invented this drink. Which means it’s not old either. It’s very simply half cranberry juice, half club soda (or tonic water) with a wedge of lemon, over ice. It’s remarkably simple and yet remarkably refreshing. Please try it.

Carrot Top

I invented this drink, too. It’s a tasty treat that also serves the purpose of satisfying several required daily food groups (if “food groups” is still a phrase). It’s a smoothie of sorts, although the term “smoothie” somehow seems insulting in this instance. Or at least inadequate. The base can be either water or yogurt. Just a dollop (if dollop is the right word). More can always be added to the blender, as needed. Then toss in a handful of spinach and a handful of chopped carrots. Carrots are the key here. You may add some banana slices, a dollop of peanut butter (I truly love that word, if it’s a word), and some honey as a sweetener. Finally, a bit of ice. Then fire it up. You will be overjoyed with the result.

Ginger Lemon Honey I Shrank The Kids

It begins with diet or unsweetened ginger ale, poured over ice. To this, I add a teaspoon of honey and a healthy squeeze of fresh lemon. Mix thoroughly. If you’re having guests and want to be fancy, serve with a lemon wedge garnishing the glass. Your palate will thank you for this. So will your guests.

Story by Joe Starkey, on-air host, 93.7 The Fan and sports writer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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