5 Halloween Cocktails Perfect for Spooky Season

What makes spooky season even spookier? A perfectly blended Halloween cocktail. Then again, after imbibing a few of the below beverages, with liquid courage guiding your decisions, you may no longer be afraid of things that go bump in the night.

Whether you’re planning for a seasonal party or looking for something festive to sip on while the kids trick-or-treat, these spooky cocktail recipes are sure to be a hit.

Zombie Cocktail

spooky halloween cocktail recipe
Ghoulish only by name, this Zombie cocktail brings that voodoo magic, awakening the senses of the undead.

Ghoulish only by name, this Zombie cocktail brings that voodoo magic, awakening the senses of the undead.

Black Death Cocktail

A complex, creamy Halloween cocktail with notes of anise and the haunting darkness of a moonless night.

Satan’s Whiskers Cocktail

kingfly spooky cocktail

Dry and citrusy with the magnetic appeal of Kingfly Gin and the three-day beard of a hipster devil.

Velvet Revolver Cocktail

This strong and fruity quaff combines the virtues of a blackberry shrub and Kingfly Grappa, and conjures up the vices that drove Miss Scarlett into the library with a revolver to kill Colonel Mustard.

Wild Blossom Cocktail

a cocktail, dark purple in color, sits on a black marble table. Wild Blossom Cocktail recipe from The Oaklander. pea flower cocktail

This Wild Blossom cocktail leans on pea flower-infused gin, giving the mixed drink a beautiful dark purple hue that can be enjoyed long after springtime. Did someone say spooky season cocktail?

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