6 Father’s Day Cocktails

What makes a dad? The aesthetic of Father’s Day is usually whiskey, cigars, dad hats, new shaving razors…but there are all kinds of dads out there. We suggest these Father’s Day cocktails to make with your dad, for your dad, or if you’re a dad, maybe treat yourself.


Two cocktails brown in color in square rocks glasses

The Sazerac is a classy bartender’s favorite that blends the smoky sharpness of rye whiskey with an Absinthe-rinsed glass. Absinthe is a unique flavor with hints of anise that elevates a Sazerac above other whiskey-based cocktails. Perfect Father’s Day Cocktail for a dad who likes the finer things in life or adventurous new liquors and bitters.

Apple Wood-Smoked Manhattan

A glass filled with smoke sits beside a glass filled with an Apple Wood-Smoked Manhattan inside topped with an orange.

This take on the Manhattan from mixologist Alex Aguayo is a “grown up version of a candy apple.” It uses sweet vermouth and a slice of crême brulée to offset the smokiness of the Kentucky straight bourbon in the mix. For an outdoorsy dad or the dad with a sweet tooth?

Smoked Bourbon Old-Fashioned

A orange with half its peel off sits to the right of a smoked bourbon old fashioned in rocks glass. curls of smoke waft off the glass.

Can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned. Our recipe used Kinsey Year 4 Bourbon, but you can swap in for your dad’s favorite bourbon, since we know how particular some people can get about bourbon. Has a nice, warm flavor to it without sacrificing complexity. For the curmudgeonly dad who always wants to do things his way, but it comes from the warmth of his heart.

Appetite for Destruction Inspired by Guns N’ Roses

Two light purple cocktails with smoke and skull ice cubes on a black background

This drink is inspired by Guns N’ Roses with gin, lime juice, and a cherry smoke for a little bit of that glam rock, metal feel. Since not everyone just carries around a cocktail smoker, if you want to make this, here are a few. This is for the dad who rocks out in the car to “Paradise City” a little too hard, but we love him for it.

Banana Walnut Old-Fashioned 

An orange in color old fashioned cocktail sits in a old fashioned glass, garnished with banana bread.

A sweeter take on an old-fashioned from Chef Jessica Lewis. She uses whiskey or an aged rum like Papa Pilar 7-Year and then banane de Brésil to create a banana bread flavor. Use this cocktail to bring back memories of a childhood meal with your dad, if he’s a banana bread guy.

Espresso Whiskey Martini

Two Espresso Whiskey Martini fills one purple and one blue martini glasses, adorned with gold accents.

Being a dad is tiring. This whiskey espresso martini gives a little caffeine pick-me-up and a dessert-y decadence to the drink menu.

Strawberry Negroni Bianco

A Strawberry Negroni Bianco sits in a rocks glass, garnished with a strawberry and twist of a peel of lemon. A hand holds the glass on the right.

Ok, let’s face it, not all dads are drinking whiskey and bourbon. Some dads do want to drink the fruity, sugary drinks sometimes called “girly.” So, that’s why we’re throwing in a suggestion for a Strawberry Negroni Bianco. At the end of the day, it’s just a drink. As long as you’re sharing it with people you love, who cares what’s in it?

Story by Emma Riva

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