6 Pittsburgh Museum Classes for Kids During Winter Break

Winter break! It’s a child’s dream but a busy parent’s nightmare. Lessen the stress of juggling kids and work this break, pick out a class that focuses on joyous learning. You will be adding interesting experiences to their education. The kids will love it. Everyone will be happy!

Various museums throughout the city of Pittsburgh offer special winter break workshops to give kids a hands-on experience the kids may not get in school. If your daughter is into robotics, take her to a class where she’ll get to work with real robots. Or if your son is into painting, drop him off at the Carnegie Museum of Art for an exploration into various art mediums. 

Pewter Casting Workshop

Museumlab, December 27

Make a take-home craft with casting and pewter techniques taught in this class. Children get to explore their creative and technical skills to create a mini sculpture out of polymer clay before casting it in pewter. The resulting little metal sculpture makes a great souvenir, and the kids can take home their clay creations, as well.

Lego Jam

Carnegie Science Center, December 27

Is your little one obsessed with Legos? Have them put their skills to the test in a day as a Lego Engineer. Kids will discover the science of simple machines, explore ancient engineering techniques, and use the engineering design process, all to meet and overcome a range of Lego challenges. 

Day Off at the Museum

Carnegie Museum of Art, December 28 and 29

Spend the day exploring the Carnegie Museum of Art while participating in exciting activities designed to help your child grow as an artist. Children can spend their day off from school painting, printing, sculpting, and mixing media, in response to the art they’ll see at the museum. Through playful art and sensory challenges, kids will dive deeper into artful subjects.

Clay Trinket Dishes Workshop

Museumlab, December 28

Let your child take a step into the world of pottery by learning the basics of hand building. After a quick lesson, they’ll get to form and shape their own trinket dish to take home. All pottery pieces will be fired in the lab’s kiln and can be picked up the following day. 

Robot Engineers

Carnegie Science Center, December 28

The opportunity of a lifetime for a kid comes in the form of educational robots that they get to control. Through collaborative work, children come together in groups to tackle various challenges on the planet Mars. This workshop is a perfect chance to not only learn about robots and how they work, but also about the vast solar system.

Space Quest

Carnegie Science Center, December 29

Indulge in the past, present, and future of space exploration from early rockets to the advanced technology available today. Besides learning rocket history, children will also experiment with varying types of rocket designs, each with a range of potential outcomes. To infinity and beyond!

Story by Kylie Thomas

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