9 Places to Purchase Herbal Teas in Pittsburgh

Drinking a warm cup of herbal tea while watching the snow fall from your window might be one of the most relaxing feelings. It gives you a chance to clear your brain from whatever might be bothering you and to meditate calmly on the positives within your life. Not to mention, the health benefits of herbal teas will leave you feeling good long after you finish your cup. If you’re not sure where you can find authentic loose leaf teas, there are plenty of shops in Pittsburgh happy to help you find the right tea for you. 

Dobrá Tea

Whether you’re looking for a meditative space to relax and enjoy your tea or just a place to pick up tea to enjoy at home, Dobrá provides exactly what you need. The multicultural atmosphere of their Bohemian-style tearoom is sure to have something for everyone. 

Blue Monkey Tea Company

Looking for wellness energy herbal mixes? How about a bedtime lullaby tea? Or maybe a flu fighter to keep your immune system strong? Thankfully you have a wide range to choose from at Blue Monkey Tea Company with their hundreds of unique combinations. 

Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange

This Strip District staple offers fresh brewed teas in house or loose leaf teas to take home. Choose from fruity teas like Herbal Berry Essence or floral flavors like Jasmine Rose. The shop also carries classic teas like Earl Grey or English Breakfast if you prefer something traditional. 

Ming Yip Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy

Have you ever wished for your own personalized herbal mix that would take away all your ailments? Try an Herbal Treatment from Ming Yip that consists of 4-15 hand picked herbs based on your evaluation. It’s a perfect opportunity if you aren’t sure what you should buy.

Abeille Voyante Tea Co. 

Making tea accessible to everyone is the mission of this shop in Millvale. That’s why the second you enter their site you’re presented with a quiz to help pick the best tea for you. Though if you do know what you want jump right to sipping on Turkish Apple or any other blend of your choice.

The Spice and Tea Exchange

The selection at The Spice and Tea Exchange is curated to appeal to all levels of tea lovers. Start off with a simple Peppermint Tea then get more adventurous with Blood-Orange Smoothie or Black Chocolate. They also sell sugar and honeys so you can get all your ingredients in one place.

Bantha Tea Bar

Want to help the environment while shopping? Bantha Tea Bar uses solar power energy and locally sources their teas so you know you’re getting a quality product. While you can pick up a brewed tea inside, you can also order loose leaf black, green, and herbal tea mixes on their website.

Cultural Oasis

Explore tea blends from around the world at Cultural Oasis. All of their loose teas are sourced from their countries of origin at the optimal time of harvest so it’s just like having a fresh cup in a different country. Plus the apothecary is readily available for custom herbal formulations. 

Triple Moon Alchemy

This online apothecary and organic herb shop offers homemade teas, sprays, salves, consultations, and more. When it comes to their herbal teas, owner Denise, trained in Western herbalism, is always coming up with new formulations that can provide balance to her customers.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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