9 Stops for Mocktails in Pittsburgh

Welcome to Dry January! No matter the reason or length of time you choose to forego alcohol this month, we’re here to support you along the way. Get ready to join your friends at your favorite spots around Pittsburgh for delicious mocktails, non-alcoholic beer, and wine. Many restaurants and bars around the city have put a good deal of thought and effort into creating a zero-proof menu so you don’t have to order plain old soda water with lime the next time you’re out. Instead, get ready to taste fruity mocktails, spiced alcohol-free spirits, and creative concoctions that you’ll enjoy to the last drop. Bottoms up!  

Hidden Harbor

Squirrel Hill

Head out to Squirrel Hill’s tropical-themed bar for a night of fruity brews and island eats. No “Dry Januarians” are left out of the fun here, because the mocktails served with plenty of flair. The Riptide is made from citrus juices, passion fruit, cinnamon, and spicy ginger all in a tall glass with a little umbrella on top. You could also try a dramatic Bala Bite: it’s cool and creamy with cherry, cinnamon, coconut, and acai in a flaming skull cup. 


East Liberty

Try the flavors of the winter season at Spork, a restaurant focused sourcing quality ingredients at the peak of flavor. Their Winter Mai Tai is mixed from Alternative Rum, Melati botanical, citrus, mango, orgeat, sweetened condensed milk, and nutmeg for something a little sweet and warming. But if a Mai Tai isn’t your style they have other zero-proof options to choose from which incorporate non-alcoholic bourbon, amaro, and Pinot Noir. 


North Oakland

Stop in for a bite and a pint of Guinness Zero Irish Stout! At Butterjoint, you will find zero-proof options on the beer and wine lists, as well as the cocktail menu. Sip a glass of Leitz Sparkling Riesling or ask them to shake up a Wise Guy mocktail featuring Seedlip Citrus, Abstinence Blood Orange, vanilla-grapefruit cordial, orange, and sage.

Yuzu Kitchen


Yuzu Kitchen, which specializes in Asian cuisine, creates some flavorful and exciting mocktails. Try the Let’s Be Friends, which mixes oolong tea with thai basil and almond orgeat. The bar also crafts a Please Be Quiet mocktail with calming hibiscus, grenadine, lemon, and lime. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can choose the Dealer’s Choice and the bartender will craft a custom drink just for you. 

Square Cafe

East Liberty

Start off your Sunday with a breakfast of Blueberry Hushpuppies and a No-Perol Spritz. This flowery, alcohol-free take on an Aperol Spritz is made from Wilfred’s non alcoholic aperitif, bittersweet orange, rosemary, tonic water, and fresh orange juice. What a lovely way to get your daily dose of vitamin C! 

Bar Botanico

Central Lawrenceville

If you’re a fan of classic cocktail flavors then Bar Botanico has the mocktail menu for you. Enjoy a simple Seedlip Espresso Martini with Seedlip Spice, espresso, vanilla. Or sit back and relax with a vegan Cut Above Mezcal Sour featuring Cut Above NA Mezcal, lapsang, jalapeño, lemon, coconut, and vegan foam. 

Harold’s Haunt


Take in the ghostly atmosphere of Harold’s Haunt with a Fauxtion (non-alcoholic cocktail) in hand. Their menu changes seasonally, but always features a selection of Fauxtions for the mocktail crowd. Fans of spice can try Smaug’s Fire Sipper. This mocktail with a kick is made of cinnamon syrup, cranberry juice, orange juice and cinnamon sticks, topped with piles of gold. 

Alta Via

Market Square, Fox Chapel

Pittsburgh’s beloved modern Italian concept restaurant carries specialty zero-proof drinks so no one ever gets left out of a celebratory toast. Join in with a glass of Champagne Problems made with Pathfinder Amaro, Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters, champagne acid, and soda. Or say Salute! with a No-groni filled with Ritual Tequila, Pathfinder Amaro, and Giffard Aperitif. We recommend a plate of pasta or a lovely pizza to follow.


Strip District

The fresh ingredients and dishes of the Caribbean, South America, the Pacific and beyond are folded into everything that Kaya serves. Their tropical mocktails incorporate Seedlip zero-proof spirits, sparked up with all your favorite citrus flavors. Try a Blood Orange Hibiscus Cosmo-Not or a Pina No-Lada.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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