Armina Stone’s Masterful Stonework at the Heart of Nemacolin Grand Lodge Renovation

Beyond their expertise in residential stone fabrication and installation, Armina Stone has made a significant mark in the realm of commercial projects in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Nemacolin’s Grand Lodge Renovation Project

Their latest endeavor, Nemacolin’s Grand Lodge renovation project in Farmington, PA, presented a challenge that required the execution of extraordinary stonework within a tight 90-day timeline. With 56 marble bathrooms, 120 wet bars, eight custom fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling column thresholds, two restaurant bars, and an oversized circle bar on the agenda, Armina Stone rose to the occasion under the visionary leadership of Chief Operating Officer Mike Reynolds. This extraordinary renovation project has served as a showcase of their exceptional capabilities. The team pulled together seamlessly to bring the ambitious vision to life demonstrating a level of craftsmanship and artistry that set them apart in the industry.

Exquisite Marble Bathrooms

Among the standout features of the project were the exquisite marble bathrooms, each crafted from marble slabs handpicked by Mike Reynolds himself during a trip to Italy alongside owner Emre Basman. These luxurious bathrooms feature floor-to-ceiling marble showers and slab flooring finished in leather exuding opulence and luxury. While each bathroom stands as a masterpiece in its own right, it was the penthouse suite’s master bath that shines as the crown jewel of the project. Beautiful arabascato marble double showers with a stone-wrapped bathtub, along with double vanities, extend seamlessly through the bathroom hallway, making a grand impression as you enter the space. The meticulous preparation for installation and precision speaks volumes of the attention to detail.

Marble bathroom by Armina Stone in the penthouse suite at Nemacolin.

A collage of the marble Armina Stone penthouse suite bathroom at Nemacolin.

Marble Fireplaces

While in Italy, Reynolds and Basman also supervised the fabrication process of the four main fireplaces on the lobby level and in the Fawn & Fable private dining room. Each were carved from solid blocks of marble and shipped directly to the Nemacolin job site. The installation by the Armina Stone team posed a challenge due to the substantial weight of the pieces and the need for precision. With no margin for error, every detail was executed flawlessly. Any slight misstep could have resulted in a major setback.

A blue room at Nemacolin with a marble fireplace by Armina Stone.

Two closeup pictures of the Armina Stone marble fireplace at Nemacolin.

Mindful Craftsmanship

Guests entering The Grand Lodge’s main dining room, Fawn & Fable, are greeted by 4-foot- wide marble wrapped columns and thresholds that elegantly divide the restaurant from a secondary lounge. To support the heavy stone securely, the Armina Stone team introduced a special welded tracking system for suspension from the ceiling and columns. This innovative concept extended into the wine room next to the restaurant, where intricate drilling was performed to create over one hundred holes in the marble to accommodate the wine bottle holder system displayed in the windows. Once again, this mindful craftsmanship serves as a testament to the level of skill of the Armina Stone team.

Marble wall with wine rack, marble floor and other stone features by Armina Stone at the Fawn & Fable restaurant and Nemacolin.

The stonework at the entrance of Nemacolin's Fawn & Fable.

Marble Surfaces

From the lilac veined marble of the charming pastry shop, Patisserie, to the rounded jade marble of the lavish Circle Bar, the exquisite surfaces throughout The Grand Lodge are timeless. Each surface bears the mark of craftsmanship and dedicated manpower that went into their creation. “It was an honor to be a part of this amazing renovation project,” says Reynolds. “I’m proud of our team and the high caliber of work and dedication they exhibited. We look forward with enthusiasm, eager to deliver more exceptional stonework that showcases our true passion for stone.” Armina Stone is currently working on phase two of Nemacolin’s renovation at The Chataeu slated to open early summer 2024.

Two photos of Nemacolin's round bar by Armina Stone in an opulent setting.

To learn more about the remarkable Nemacolin Project and witness the artistry behind the stonework, watch the Armina Stone docu-story here.

A sponsor logo with the Pittsburgh Penguins official logo on the right and proud sponsor statement on the left.

Story and Photography courtesy of Armina Stone

See more beautiful work by Armina Stone here.

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