Babesburgh Bash Celebrates Pittsburgh’s First Festival for Women

Calling all Pittsburgh women (and men, and nonbinary pals)! There’s a new festival in Pittsburgh and no matter your interests, you’re going to want to be there. Babesburgh Bash is an event by the women’s organization Babesburgh, committed to wellness and connection no matter your age or gender. While the group got its bearings as a place for women in the city to congregate and support one another, it has transformed into so much more.

“When I was starting this transformation I knew I’d love to do events that focused on women, meeting new women, and supporting women,” says Babesburgh Executive Director, Cat Bruno. “When my kids moved out, I found it hard to make new friends and I wasn’t sure where to start. I think as we get older, and sometimes even when we’re younger, it is difficult to make friends and meet people. So when you come to our event we encourage people to sit, talk, and create together.”

From Small Events to the Big Festival

Babesburgh began about a year ago and in that time they’ve hosted many events focused on exploring the Pittsburgh region and enhancing creativity through crafts and other activities. For each event, there is a theme towards lifting women up and owning exactly what it means to be a “babe” in the best way possible. 

“We’ve done some really cool and unique events to offer a social networking atmosphere,” says Bruno. “We’ve done brewery tours, a bracelet making class, an intention board workshop, fitness classes, and so much more in the past. The concept is that there’s something for everyone and these events are open to literally everyone, we even have many men and nonbinary persons who come. As long as you’re coming and you’re bringing a cool vibe while supporting women, then we want you there.”

Even with their past, Babesburgh Bash is a whole new celebration for the organization. This first-year festival will take place on June 29 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Allegheny Landing Park right along the edge of the North Shore. In those five hours you’ll be thrown into a world of hands-on activities, plentiful shopping opportunities, and encouraging attitude. 

“The idea for the festival was a combination of two things,” explains Bruno. “A combination of what we’ve been doing all year long, which is having this real diverse mix of events, and also a woman’s day out where we’re trying to put as much as we can in a five-hour period. You can come shop a women’s-owned vendor section, explore a mini farmer’s market, pick up flowers from local vendors, dance to some of Pittsburgh’s top female DJs and musicians, and even take care of your wellness with fitness and self-care activities.” 

A Day For Fitness, Crafting, Sipping, Wellness, and Much More

And this is just the tip of the iceberg for this all-out festival. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in Zumba, yoga, and other exercise classes beside a gorgeous view of the Allegheny river on the North Side. Or, you can choose to focus on your health in different ways like getting a tarot reading, taking part in a health screening from local hospitals, or even learn about chakra and music therapy. Needless to say, the options are rich for a packed, all-day schedule.

Another part of Babesburgh Bash is the opportunity to support local businesses and artists from all across Pittsburgh in one space. Whether you’re into beer, art, food, or crafting, you can dive into the people in our community who are excelling in these fields.

“With your ticket, you have access to 20 different vendors from Western Pennsylvania and Central Pennsylvania, with beer and wine and cocktails from local folks to taste test,” says Bruno. “But we’ll also have a non-alcoholic vendor, The Open Road, so everyone can be included in the fun. We also have an artist alley, which is really cool. We have 10 female and non binary artists who are going to be doing hands-on art demonstrations throughout the day.”

Creating a Space for Inclusivity in Pittsburgh

For Bruno, Babesburgh Bash is a stepping stone to what an impact can be made when you bring people together in a positive atmosphere. There is no “putting others down” in this organization. Even the exercise programs are accessible for those with limited mobility so everyone can feel a part of the community. It’s a true escape from the negativity in the air and a chance to focus on oneself to create a better, more authentic you. 

“I’m super excited about our programming and the fact that you can go and celebrate what it means to be a woman as well as celebrating other women and what they’re doing,” expresses Bruno. “I hope that people walk into this space and leave with a smile on their face. Just have a good time where you can slip away from everything that’s going on in this crazy world.”

Even if you can’t make it out to the festival, Babesburgh plans to have plenty more events in the coming months. Stay tuned on their social media and website for updates on what’s to come and see what the organization is all about.

Story by Kylie Thomas / Photography Courtesy of Babesburgh

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