Banana Walnut Old Fashioned Cocktail

Once brisk September days give way to chilled October nights, it’s time to find a new cocktail for a new season. We’re thinking something classy, something warm, something that reminds us of simpler times and keeps us satisfied long after our meals over. Enter Banana Walnut Old Fashioned.

Lucky for us, Chef Jessica Lewis knows exactly what it is we’re craving: festive gatherings, clinking glasses with friends, and something sweet to remind us of home. That’s why she’s concocted an especially unique version of an old fashioned cocktail as a fall drink special, garnished with a signature piece of her deliciously moist in-house banana bread.

Banana Walnut Old Fashioned Recipe


1/4 oz banane de Brazil
3 dashes of free brothers black walnut bitters
1/4 oz of Demerara syrup
2 oz of whiskey, or it’s even better with a rum, specifically an aged rum like Papa Pilar 7-year


  1. Mix in old fashioned glass with large ice cube.
  2. Garnish your old fashioned cocktail with fresh-baked banana bread!

Recipe by Chef Jessica Lewis / Photography by Brittany Spinelli

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