As a Guatemalan in Pittsburgh, communications executive, blogger, wine expert, and TABLE contributor Camila Alarcon has sometimes been challenged to find ways to reconnect with Latino culture and community in Pittsburgh. Over the years, Pittsburgh’s Hispanic/Latin-owned restaurants have helped cure her homesickness. For 2024 TABLE’s How to Pittsburgh issue, she highlights immigrant stories of entrepreneurship, sacrifice and the desire to share Latin cuisine. This is Camila’s list of the best Latin food in Pittsburgh.

Latin Food in Pittsburgh

Duo’s Taqueria

5906 Penn Ave, East Liberty

Thanks to a Guatemalan owner and a Mexican chef, the flavors are autentico. I recommend the Borrego de Barbacoa, a dish that transports me back to the southern states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. This is a great dish to share with friends. The tortillas, made with corn masa from Mexican farms, are delicious, and you will want to make a second or third taco for yourself. Also try the Pollo Azado, another great sharable dish!

Cilantro y Ajo

901 East Carson St, South Side

Because of political instability back home, the owners, a culinary couple from Venezuela, left everything behind to restart in the United States. Their entrepreneurial spirit and their love for Venezuelan food, bring this restaurant truly alive. We are lucky to have them in Pittsburgh. Their empanadas are a must-order. Also, don’t miss out on their addictive patacones, twice-fried smashed plantain slices.


128 Low Grade Rd, Harwick

Nothing reminds me more of home than this food truck! The Guatemalan chef/owner delivers the taste of Guatemala with inventive interpretations of traditional dishes. I especially love how they highlight Indigenous Mayan cuisine with stews that date back centuries and are still prepared every day in Guatemalan homes. Other must-tries include the Guatemalan Hot dog el Shuko, loaded yucca fries with chorizo, and platanos en mole.

Los Secretos de Mis Abuelos

145 East 8th Ave, Homestead 

As the name promises, the food here tells the story of culinary secrets passed down through generations. Chef-owner Felipe goes further: he also creates a space where the Latin community can gather. Order mofongo, pastelitos, and slow-cooked pork. Do not leave without a tres leches sweet treat!


412-428 Cherry Way, Downtown

This is one of my favorite places for lunch Downtown. Their arepas, special flat cakes filled with a variety of foods, are packed with flavor. Other authentic street foods here include cachapas, tostones, and cachitos.

El Burro

North Side and Regent Square

The food here is a true sincretismo of Californian and Mexican foodways. If you are craving a burrito, in my opinion these are among the very best in the ‘Burgh! I also rave about their carnitas, and their chile relleno burrito.

Las Palmas

Brookline, Beechview, Oakland

Order street tacos like you would order them back home: from a street cart beside a grocery store! Don’t let the humble set up deter you. The tacos are simple but bursting with flavor and authentic ingredients. Don’t miss out on the homemade sauces and salsas. While you’re here, explore the grocery store that has been feeding Latino families in Pittsburgh for ages.

Panaderia Jazmin

300 Beverly Rd, Mt. Lebanon

This authentic Mexican bakery brings pan dulce (sweet bread) to Western PA. Nothing cures my nostalgia for home faster than a bit of conchas bread with my morning coffee. Arrive early when all the selections of bread are available. If you like tamales, this is a great spot to get them. 

El Pollon

335 East Main St, Carnegie

Try a taste of historic Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa, a dish that originated in Lima, Peru in the 1950s. It’s a chicken rubbed in Peruvian spices and then cooked over a charcoal fire. Take it home with a side of fries and enjoy it with a beer.

Alquisiras Paletería

2056 Broadway Ave, Beechview

Satisfy your sweet tooth Latino-style at this Mexican popsicle shop whose tajín-spiced treats are reminiscent of those from Michoacán, Mexico. Great treat for summer evenings.

Story by Camila Alarcon / Styling by Anna Franklin / Photography by Dave Bryce

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