Celebrate National Coffee Day with these 8 Pittsburgh Cafes

This year, National Coffee Day takes place on September 29. Fall is the perfect time for this delectable celebration since it’s that happy medium between hot and cold weather. Whether you’re craving the iced rush of a pumpkin latte or the warming sensation of an apple spice coffee, these Pittsburgh cafes have you covered. 

Gasoline Street Coffee

Located Downtown, the inside of this coffee shop looks like a hidden object game filled with bicycles and other vintage hangings. The drink choices only amplify the trendiness with harvest coffees available such as an Apple Butter Latte, Pumpkin Pie Latte, and their classic Maple Brown Sugar Latte. 

Jitters Cafe

One of the best parts about Jitters Cafe in Shadyside is its customizability. Customers can mix and match their 20+ syrup flavors with any type of drink. But if you have a hard time deciding between so many choices, you can always opt for one of their specialties. From a Butter Beer Latte to a Maple Hojicha Latte, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. 

Grim Wizard Coffee

This coffee shop in Allentown has pinball machines available to play, severing up old-school vibes alongside caffeinated beverages. The retro style choice is even reflected in their drinks with unique specialty names like the Weedeater and Dragonaut. Be sure to stop in and see if you can take on the challenge of their Black Hole, which is just six shots of their espresso over ice. 

De Fer

De Fer in the Strip District carries the best of both worlds with cocktails and coffee to indulge in. All their coffee is sourced responsibly and roasted in-house for top flavor. The shop also recently released its fall flavors, bringing back its infamous Fall Spice Latte. This isn’t your basic fall latte; instead, it combines light spices with orange and espresso for that signature taste. 

Adda Coffee and Tea House

If there’s one thing Adda knows how to do, it’s matcha. Some of their signature fall drinks include their Yuzu Matcha Mule and Ube Matcha Latte. But, if matcha isn’t your thing, they also have the essential Pumpkin Spice Latte and Salted Maple Almond Latte too. 

Commonplace Coffee

The fun part about Commonplace Coffee is that every location has different drink specials. While the Squirrel Hill location has a Brown Sugar Ginger Latte, the Rockwell Park location has an Orange Spice Mocha. They also know how to spice up traditional fall flavors with their Everything But the Pumpkin Latte at their Mexican War Streets location.

The Coffee Tree Roasters

After 30 years in business, The Coffee Tree Roasters have perfected their bean recipes to bring you the best-tasting coffee right at home. But, if you don’t feel like brewing at home, they also have plenty of locations around the city. Some of their recent drink highlights include their Nitro Cold Brew, Iced Cafe Caramel, and Espresso Frozaccino. 

La Prima Espresso Company

If you’re looking for authentic espresso, La Prima is the place to go. They craft their own espresso blends, often based on events happening in the world, like their One Small Sip blend in celebration of Astrobotic’s Peregrine: Mission 1 lunar lander. They have their espresso blends for sale as beans or you can grab a cup in their Strip District or Downtown location. 

Story by Kylie Thomas

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