Don’t Miss This Downtown Pittsburgh Psychedelic Experience

An otherworldly adventure awaits visitors to Pittsburgh’s Cultural District. Open until the beginning of September, Architects of Air: Daedalum unites light, color, and sound in an walk-in sculpture known as a luminarium. The inflatable structure is a maze of intertwining cavernous pods, domes, and tunnels. A walk through Daedalus is a multi-sensory, all-ages adventure.

Once you enter the exhibit, you find yourself transported to another dimension. TABLE Magazine Creative Director, Camden Leeds, described Daedalum as “some sort of portal or sci-fi space chamber.” As you explore, you’re led down different corridors where, beyond each turn, you fall deeper down the rabbit hole, continuing to lose yourself in the ambiance of the glowing lights and ambient sounds and eventually wandering into what seems to be a space-age psychedelic cathedral.

Savor your visit

Since there are no restrictions put on your time inside the installation, we recommend maximizing this opportunity for an ethereal trip by slowly walking through, pausing to meditate, or cracking open a good read. Leeds says to make sure you lie down and look up while you visit the exhibit’s grand hall.

Or take your experience to a spiritual level on Saturdays at noon, when gentle, all-level yoga classes take place inside Architects of Air, surrounded by pleasant, immersive light and sound. Don’t forget to bring a yoga mat!

After your adventure, eat Downtown

While you’re out and about, you might as well make the visit to the city into a whole excursion by grabbing a bite to eat at one of downtown’s fabulous eateries. Bae Bae’s Kitchen offers Korean-inspired dishes made with local, healthy, organic ingredients. It’s an ideal feel-good meal after a body-nourishing yoga session. Or pop over to The Warren to indulge in cocktails, sushi, and sandwiches.

If American fare is on the brain, Meat & Potatoes features hardy comfort food with a stylish and cozy atmosphere to match. For a more upscale dining experience, check out Ritual House, whose motto of “spirited food and drink in an atmosphere designed for the senses” is a perfect way to end Daedalum’s multisensorial fun.


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