Sip Your Way Through Fall with These Expert-Recommended Pittsburgh Drink Selections

This spring, TABLE Magazine went on a mission to present its readers with the stuff of bucket lists: things to eat, see, do, and experience in the City of Bridges — for locals, newbies, and out-of-towners alike. Now, as we settle into the fall season, it felt like an apt time to revisit a few of those lists. Gather a few friends and sip your way through autumn with our expert-recommended Pittsburgh drink selections.


Alcohol-free mocktails are trending as many of us search for healthier approaches to living large. TABLE staff suggests a few spots to quench your thirst.

Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Wine aficionado Camila Alarcon-Chelecki’s connoisseurship began with her grandfather’s tutelage. She brings a family-style warmth to her recommendations for great spots to imbibe a bit of bubbly in Pittsburgh.

a man with tattooed arms garnishing a red mocktail with a lemon slice

Fine Wine & Good Spirits

Adam Knoerzer, owner of ‘Burghundy and a regular contributor to TABLE, is a certified sommelier, wine educator, and consultant. He scours the offerings at PCLB’s Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores for a few must-try bottles he thinks TABLE readers should try.

Exceptional Wine Lists

Celine Roberts and Christie Kliewer, owners of Nine O’Clock Wines bottle shop and wine club in Lawrenceville, share with TABLE readers four spots with spot-on wine lists.

Beer Crawl Breweries

Brew Gentlemen’s Alaina Webber thinks you should add these Pittsburgh pubs to your next night out on the town, or make a leisurely afternoon of these three alone.

a look in photo with a rustic green table and a white paneled background of a to-go cup with boba tea that is a light tan color at the bottom with dark brown boba and a bright blue butterfly pea tea at the top, a blue straw
Banh Mi and Ti

Boba Tea

Local blogger and bobafìcionado Sophia Chang enthusiastically shares some of her favorite boba bevvies.


Blogger, restaurant broker, and man-about-town Sidney Sokoloff sips his way around his gluten intolerance. He shares some tipsy tips with gluten-sensitive TABLE readers.

Beyond the Latte

TABLE staff suggests a few coffee shop offerings shaking up the standards.

No alcohol required to enjoy these delicious mocktails brought to TABLE from the Social Media Fellowship program at The Warhol Academy.

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