Find Your Perfect Summer Rosé Pairing

Introducing a crisp, refreshing rosé at your summer soirées can be the best thing to beat the heat. Whether it’s a Catawba, a White Zinfandel, or a Cabernet Franc, there’s no going wrong with this varied family of delicious wines. Pour a glass (or two) this season with friends, and don’t forget about National Rosé Day, falling on the second Saturday of June.

Pink Catawba and Charcuterie

Pink Catawba is on the sweeter side with a medium body and moderate acidity. It’s grown across Pennsylvania (primarily in the northwest region) and comes from a varietal native to the Americas.

Though Pink Catawbas tend to have less overall tannins and light coloring, they still have fresh mild berry flavor and fresh fruit notes, with a bright, smooth finish and floral aromas.

Pair Pink Catawba with fresh melon and salty, savory meats for a perfect picnic. Semi-sweet and off-dry, Catawba wines also strike a lovely harmony with the earthiness of aged cheeses like a sheep’s milk Manchego.

White Zinfandel and Salmon

Sometimes referred to as a blush wine, White Zinfandel is a cool, crisp option with sweet and fruity notes. It tends toward light, citrusy flavors and, like classic rosés, is a great companion for grilled meats and other classic picnic foods.

The fruity aromas and sweetness of a well-built strawberry-toned White Zinfandel can live beside a wide variety of salmon dishes, from poached salmon to a salmon pâté crostini.

Look to sparkling rosé to elevate an outdoor barbeque to new heights. These wines range from light-bodied to full-bodied, dry to fruity, and the bubbles deliver a fun, summery, complexity perfect for a celebratory feast or a Sunday brunch.

Sparkling Rosé and Oysters

Dry sparkling rosés pair well with a wide range of foods, but we recommend letting them live beside an iced platter of oysters. The understated notes of fruit will bring out the sensational salinity of the shellfish, and the bubbles will contrast beautifully with the oysters’ velvety texture. Look for sparkling rosés with fine bubbles and a fresh finish.

Cabernet Franc Rosé and Roasted Chicken

Cabernet Franc is a dark-skinned grape with origins in Spain. It is often mixed with other grapes like Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon to make deeper, earthier red blends, but it also is the basis for a delicious rosé all on its own. Dry and aromatic, it features an enchanting balance between zesty acidity and a deeply layered texture.

Try a Cabernet Franc Rosé with the tender white meat of poultry. Its medium body and minerality make it a terrific companion because it avoids oaky interference, with the smoky, herby taste of grilled or roasted chicken.

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