Lovely Day Spritz Gin Cocktail

This gin cocktail is the project of Tyler Lewis and Courtney Vock from East Liberty’s Blue Sky. Though they did it in a Collins glass, you could try it out in an aperol spritz glass or another specialty cocktail glass to give it a spritzier feel.

What Makes a Spritz a Spritz?

A typical spritz uses a sparkling wine and then a digestivo like Amaro, Campari, or Cynar. This is a take on it that uses bergamotto and gin, which is a little less sweet. But what gives it that refreshing finish is the fact that the bartenders topped it off with the seltzer and bitter lemon. Without that, you’ve just got a gin cocktail, which is still great. But sometimes, for a nice warm weather day, you just need that spritz.


  • 1 ¾ oz Noire gin
  • ½ oz bergamotto
  • ½ oz herb lychee boba syrup
  • Few dashes orange bitters
  • ½ oz lemon


  1. Serve in Collins glass.
  2. Top with seltzer and Red Ribbon Bitter Lemon Soda.

Other Gin Cocktail Ideas

Recipe by Tyler Lewis and Courtney Vock / Story by Emma Riva / Photography by Dave Bryce

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