Giving Guide 2023: The Live Donor Project

The Live Donor Project is an organization that has the power to save lives, strengthen our community, and make a profound impact on countless families in Pittsburgh. We are a non-profit organization with a simple yet transformative mission – to increase the number of living organ donors in our city.

Pittsburgh is a city known for its resilience and unity. But behind the beauty of our skyline, there is a silent crisis that demands our attention. Every year, hundreds of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones face the agonizing waitlist for organ transplants. They are in a race against time, and too often, that time runs out. In our region alone, there are more people in need of organ transplants than there are available organs.

This is where The Live Donor Project comes in. We believe in the incredible power of community, compassion, and selflessness. Our organization is dedicated to increasing the number of living organ donors in Pittsburgh by providing public awareness, education & support to potential donors and transplant recipients.

When you support The Live Donor Project, you’re supporting the potential for life-changing impact. You’re giving hope to someone who’s been waiting for years for a second chance at life. You’re offering the opportunity for a family to remain whole, for a child to grow up with their parent, and for a person to regain their health and independence. Our work doesn’t just save lives; it brings families closer, and it strengthens the very fabric of our community.

Our approach is multifaceted. We provide education and awareness campaigns to dispel myths and encourage people to consider living organ donation. We offer comprehensive support and guidance to potential donors and recipients as they navigate this life-altering journey, as well as advocacy efforts and collaborative partnerships with our trusted medical community in Pittsburgh. We are determined to create a cultural shift in how living organ donation is perceived and celebrated.

But none of this is possible without your support. Your contribution can help us reach more people, dispel misconceptions, and provide critical support to donors and recipients. Your financial support can make a tangible impact, fueling initiatives that raise awareness, provide education, offer support, and advocate for living organ donation.

In Pittsburgh, we are a community that stands together in times of need. We are a city of heart, resilience, and generosity. Let us unite once more to make a difference. Join us in The Live Donor Project’s mission to increase the number of living organ donors and, in doing so, save lives and strengthen our community.

Your donation has the power to bring joy to families, to heal those who are suffering, and to make our city a shining example of compassion and unity. Together, we can increase the number of living organ donors in Pittsburgh and change the lives of those who are waiting for a second chance. Please, consider contributing today, and let’s make a difference together. Thank you.

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Story by The Live Donor Project
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