Giving Guide: The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

For 125 years, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium has served as home to thousands of amazing animals and has welcomed community members of all ages to learn about our shared world. A proud regional institution rated among the top in the country, it is the Zoo’s honor to care for over 600 species and operate as a resource for conservation, education, and research.

Generations of families have formed fond memories at the Pittsburgh Zoo. From toddlers delighting in tigers to grandparents appreciating gorillas, every visitor has the opportunity to encounter awe-inspiring wildlife. Your family may have met friendly Lewis the giraffe or our loveable red panda, Kovu. You may have heard a lion roar in person, felt a smooth sting ray, or discovered just how big elephants really are. You undoubtedly had a day to remember.

While the Zoo honors the past, it also recognizes the challenges of the present. An increasing number of animals, both in the Zoo’s care and in the wild, are threatened or endangered, frequently from habitat loss and actions of humans. Pollution and climate change has a drastically negative impact on people and animals alike.

New discoveries, practices, and ongoing education gives the Zoo the tools to make a difference for future generations. Beyond the Zoo’s featured residents, it takes action for animals and protects their counterparts and habitats in the wild. The Zoo currently participates in 93 conservation programs on all seven continents. Whether it’s rescuing and rehabilitating stranded sea turtles, caring for a one-year-old elephant at the International Conservation Center in Somerset, PA, or making sustainable choices right here in Pittsburgh, the Zoo is making an impact.

The Zoo cannot affect change alone; it relies on the partnership of donors and visitors like you to maintain, revitalize, and inspire. The Zoo requires support for daily maintenance and animal daily care, ongoing conservation initiatives, and the active participation of learners in its educational efforts. You can support the Zoo multiple ways, such as making a donation, becoming a member, adopting an animal, or participating in programs, classes, and events at the Zoo. Your actions now set up the next 125 years of biodiversity.

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