Italian Cooking Classes in Pittsburgh

Calling all pasta enthusiasts and Italian food lovers! Unleash your inner chef with Pittsburgh’s Italian cooking classes. These culinary adventures are perfect for anyone wanting to ditch the jarred sauce and unlock the secrets of authentic Italian cooking. There’s a class meant just for you no matter if you want to make pasta, desserts, or just a simple homemade sauce. Learn from passionate chefs who will guide you through time-tested techniques and family traditions. Get ready to transform your kitchen into a mini Italy, filled with the aroma of garlic, simmering sauces, and the joy of creating delicious food. Needless to say, you’ll delight in the joy of making dinner at home after just a few hours in the classroom. 

Italian Cooking Classes in Pittsburgh

Pasta Making 101

Istituto Mondo Italiano, April 28, May 12, June 2

Learn the essentials of what you need to know for the art of pasta making. After experiencing how to make different types of homemade pasta, students will make their own red sauce and pesto to create a full meal. Pasta marinara has never been made so easily!

Cannoli Making Class

Istituto Mondo Italiano, April 28

Who doesn’t love a crunchy dessert with a creamy ricotta filling? This course covers the steps from shell to filling to finish on how to make the perfect cannoli. You can even bring along your own beverage to sip to really set the Italian cooking mood. 

Ravioli Making Class

Istituto Mondo Italiano, April 28, May 12, June 2

If you’re a lover of perfectly cooked pasta stuffed with cheese, you won’t want to miss this ravioli class. First, you’ll learn to make a two tone cheese filling before creating little beds of noodles for the filling to lay in. Then, you’ll enjoy the dish you’ve created with a topping of Istituto Mondo Italiano’s secret red sauce. 

Tortellini Class

Istituto Mondo Italiano, May 2

The shape of tortellini may look complex, but Istituto Mondo Italiano is here to break down the process to simplicity. Make the dough and filling, and fold them into beautiful little bundles of deliciousness. It’s so easy and accommodating that you’ll be making tortellini for dinner every night. 

Sauce Class

Enrico Biscotti, May 7

Leave the canned sauce on the shelf at the grocery store and learn how to make a savory, succulent sauce from scratch. After making a basic marinara sauce, turn it into a traditional marinara to accompany varieties of pasta. Plus, you’ll dine on antipasto and salad prior to the class. 

Gnocchi From Northern Italy

Chef Samantha’s Kitchen, May 15, 28, 29, 30

While larger class sizes are a fun experience, sometimes you want a one-on-one lesson for better comprehension. Chef Samantha is ready to teach you to make homemade gnocchi, but that’s not all you’ll make. You’ll put together a three-course meal by also creating a lemon and garlic-infused Caesar dressing, plus a flourless chocolate cake for dessert.

Neapolitan Pizza Class

Enrico Biscotti, May 17

Everyone dreams of tossing pizza dough high into the air like a true pizzaiolo. Make those dreams come true alongside Roy at Enrico Biscotti. Besides learning dough making, you’ll also get tips on how to mimic a brick oven with your own oven back home to make the best pizza every time. 

Italian Dessert Class

Gaynor’s School Of Cooking, May 22

The next time you need to bring a dessert to a gathering, you’ll be more than prepared with a tray of homemade goodies. Instructor Toni Beattie will teach you to whip up Dark Chocolate Cherry Biscotti, Cannolis, Limoncello Tarts, Ricotta Cookies, Chocolate Amaretti Cake, and Tiramisu. Talk about a sweet-lover’s heaven!

Story by Kylie Thomas

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