Lawrence Hall Official Opening in Pittsburgh

There’s nothing worse than not being able to decide where to eat. One person wants Italian, one wants Mexican, another just wants a burger, and no one wants to compromise. But thanks to the latest food hall opening in Pittsburgh, Lawrence Hall, that problem might just be going away. 

The anxiously anticipated Lawrence Hall is officially opening for service on April 10. At its renovated space in Lawrenceville, you can choose from four different cultural cuisine restaurants, grab a scoop of ice cream, and even have a refreshing beer all in one space. That’s right, no more arguing, everyone gets what they want at this culinary wonderland. 

A Food Hall Community

The idea for the hall comes from Founders Brett Minarik and Phoebe Fraser, who both share a love for food and friendship. With the help of Director of Operations, Adam Harvey, their dream is to create a bustling social center for the community of Lawrenceville and beyond. Here, people can gather together and connect over delicious food in a relaxing, love-filled environment.

In order to bring together such a diverse community, Lawrence Hall brought restaurants Cuddy’s, TOMA, LOADED, and La Palapa into four stalls stationed around the open dining space. Cuddy’s specializes in soul food. TOMA centers around Italian cuisine. LOADED experiments with American fusion cuisine. La Palapa is there for your Mexican cravings. Maybe you’ll try Cuddy’s signature Fried Chicken. Or, dive into one of LOADED’s 5 types of Korean Corn Dogs. Though it’s hard to choose from TOMA’s Braised Shortrib and La Palapa’s Enchiladas Verdes also on the menu.

A Little Something Extra

After you’ve made the hard decision of what to have for dinner, complete your experience with dessert from Leona’s Ice Cream. Their flavors include Coffee, Lavender and Honeycomb, Toasted Coconut, and much more. 

You’ll also want to stop by the Dear James Bar before you leave. It’s dedicated to Captain James Lawrence which Lawrenceville is named after. Here you’ll find comforting favorites like a classic Manhattan and innovative mocktails such as the Frigate Chesapeake with Ritual’s zero proof tequila alternative. Or, you can order a bottle of wine to enjoy with your dinner for a flavorful pairing. 

We’re sure no matter what you indulge in, you’ll be happy to have a genuine family meal while supporting local businesses at the same time. You just have to take that step through the door and bask in the friendly atmosphere.

Looking for more? Learn about Cuddy’s and TOMA in our recent articles.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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