Oil Painter Rachael Ryan Expresses Her Love For Pittsburgh

Rachael Ryan, oil painter (portrait, figure, and abstract art), boasts 27-plus years of commitment to the arts. She established her own painting studio in 2009.

Aside from living abroad in Brazil and England during early childhood, time away for university and and eight years in NYC (where she first connected virtually with Brenda Friday of Shoppe B, who now represents her art) — Ryan considers this home. “My family tree has roots here — dating back to the 1800s, which is very meaningful to me,” she says.

A painting by Oil Painter Rachael Ryan depicts a young woman with long brown hair sitting against a blue background

Leaving Pittsburgh showed Rachel Ryan how supported she’d been here. “The cultural community instinctively uplifts emerging talent,” she says. Her first solo shows hold great memories; the community made the events celebratory and also successful. “I felt truly held by the city.”

Now in a new studio space here, she’s slowly reweaving herself into the creative fabric of Pittsburgh. “This city is a special artistic incubator because of the people here,” she says. “They will rally around you with their time or resources, and do what they can to help you see a vision through.”

A painting by Oil Painter Rachael Ryan depicts an older woman with brown hair against an orange pattern background.

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Story by Corinne Whiting / Photos Courtesy of Rachael Ryan

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