Phipps Conservatory Welcomes Their 2024 Spring Flower Show

After the long months of winter and bare tree landscape, it’s always truly a pleasure to see the first blooms of spring. Thanks to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden, you don’t have to wait very long. Their 2024 Spring Flower Show: A Closer Look is an opportunity to take in the color, scents, and pure floral beauty we’ve been missing all of the winter season.  

Pink floral blooms stack on top of each other with more green and pink blooms in the blurry background as a part of Phipps Conservatory's Spring Flower Show
Photo courtesy of Paul Vladuchick for Phipps Conservatory

Get a Little Closer to the Blooms

Starting just three days before the first day of spring, you have four weeks to view this flowery masterpiece from the Phipps Conservatory staff. The tens of thousands of blooms, including tulips, narcissus, and hyacinths in shades of yellow, orange, and blue, create a rainbow display that looks stunning from afar. But, these beauties only become more intriguing when you get up close and personal. 

Observe even the tiniest details of this spring show with magnifying glasses stationed throughout the conservatory. Scan over delicate petals, little particles of pollen dusting the inside of the flowers, and strong, life-sustaining stems. Plus, it lets your nose get a closer look, too, allowing you to take in the wonderful fragrances of fresh blooming flowers. 

Two flowers show bursts of vibrant hot pink and white against a green leaf background.
Photo courtesy of Paul Vladuchick for Phipps Conservatory

Bringing the Spring Season to Life

The show’s theme brings together different flower-sculpted scenes to remind us of our favorite parts of spring. View an array of chrysalid sculptures and an animatronic butterfly, a true sign of the changing of the seasons. Fawn over blue floras below motion-activated rain clouds representing the beloved spring thunderstorms. Plus, get inspired by the larger-than-life picnic scene atop a blanket made of alternating red and white hypoestes. Before long, you’ll be anxious to get outside and embrace nature outside of the conservatory.

Phipps Conservatory’s annual Spring Flower Show is our first little introduction to the season of new life and warmer weather. Plus, it’s always a bonus whenever you can go on a floral adventure while staying out of the harsh, constantly changing weather conditions of Pittsburgh.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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