Pisco & Lime, A Peruvian Pop-Up in City Kitchen

Just in time for summer, City Kitchen has spiced things up with the introduction of Pisco & Lime, an outpost for flavorful Peruvian fusion dishes. They’ve got chicken empanadas for classic Latin food lovers. You can also try the lomo saltado, a classic stir-fry featuring thin strips of marinated ribeye steak cooked with julienned red onions, tomatoes, and crispy fries.

City Kitchen owner-operators Hoa “Summer” Le and Nick Yakubisin are excited to share these latest creations inspired by their global travels. After noticing a lack of Peruvian fare represented within the local culinary scene, they officially opened May 16. The brand-new concept has been doing a gradual roll-out of offerings from other kitchens located in the soaring venue.

Other Pisco & Lime standouts include their fresh ceviche, cured in a citrusy marinade called “leche de tigre” (tiger’s milk) that contains lime juice, aji peppers, onion, cilantro, and pan con chicharrón. Additionally, there’s a quintessential Peruvian breakfast sandwich starring crispy pork belly as its main ingredient. Others will enjoy the comforting melange of shredded chicken and creamy aji amarillo sauce that appears in the popular aji gallina.

A Plethora of Options in Bakery Square

In this bustling Bakery Square space, with an airy, dog-friendly atrium and covered outdoor patio, dining options abound. There’s a fully-stocked bar, too. After you sample Pisco & Lime’s crowd-pleasers, you can move onto Hawaiian fare from Shaka. We’re personally partial to the poke bowls. Or, Asian comfort dishes from Somi, classic American from Elevate, or gourmet burgers from Charred. We’d also recommend leaving room for an ice cream finale from Jeni’s on the way out. They even accommodate vegan and lactose-intolerant friends with delectable, dairy-free options.

Keep an eye on upcoming events, too, from trivia nights to mingle-ready gatherings. No matter your palate, group size or time allowance, City Kitchen promises to keep you coming back for its vast variety of options and easy, laid-back vibes.

Story by Corinne Whiting / Photography courtesy of Pisco and Lime

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