Pittsburgh Chefs’ Perfect Father’s Day Dinner

In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re highlighting some of our favorite chefs in Pittsburgh who also happen to be amazing fathers. These chefs work so hard each day to put food on everyone else’s plates. So, we’re asking them to tell us what their perfect Father’s Day looks like and what they’d like someone to make them for a change. Whether their perfect day consists of relaxing or going on an adventure with the family, we’d like to wish all these chefs a Happy Father’s Day and hope they enjoy their much deserved day off. 

Chef Sam DiBattista of Vivo Kitchen 

For me I really enjoy Dim Sum. So, a bunch of dumplings and a bottle of Nigori Sake would do it for me on Father’s Day. I am very inspired by my daughters, Danina and Martina. They have become very capable, confident, and beautiful women who just so happen to be very young.

Chef Joey Hilty of The Vandal

My son, Halston, is 6 months old which means getting any sort of sleep is a luxury. Aside from dreaming of more sleep, I’m really hoping Caitlin (my wife) orders all of my favorite takeout foods (thai cuisine in Bloomfield for the win!) so we can spend the night on the couch watching HBO.  

Chef Roger Li of Umami Izakaya, Nanban, and The Parlor Dim Sum

On Father’s Day, I like to relax with my kids and they usually surprise me with some gifts. We would spend the day fishing and after that I’d grill some steaks and have some wine. I have 2 kids, Dylan is 8 and Alexis is 5. We usually cook together and spend a full day together on Father’s Day. 

Chef Raymond Mikesell of Wild Rosemary

For Father’s Day dinner I would love to have chicken romano with lemon, pasta with fresh tomato sauce, and caesar salad alongside my daughter Emily who is 18, son Raymond who is 23, and my wife, Marie. 

Story by Kylie Thomas / Photography by Hybrid Storytellers

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