Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These 6 Pittsburgh Chocolate Makers

Pittsburgh’s family-owned chocolate makers satisfy our cravings with sugar and spice and everything nice.

Sinful Sweets

With everything made fresh daily in their downtown Liberty Avenue store since 2011, Sinful Sweets is a go-to for pecan turtles, salted caramels, and toffee. Founder Chris Weck comments, “My mom always said that there’s love in food,” and her sweet sentiment comes across in the chocolate, mixed in with a spark from Chris. “My family owns a traditional chocolate-making business in Chicago, and I’m always breaking the rules a little bit. I love making candy for kids and families, and supporting Pittsburghers with this business.” Sinful Sweets has a second location at Ross Park Mall.

Tabbara Artisan Chocolate

Nancy Tabbara is reviving three generations of family tradition with her exquisitely crafted bonbons. Her offerings blend the sophistication of mid-century Beirut with a sharp, contemporary sense of flavor and design. Classics like chocolate-covered macadamia clusters and candied orange peel join modern fantasies like beautiful-to-behold chocolate bonbons filled with passion fruit or raspberry jelly and vanilla ganache.

Sarris Candies

Founded by Frank Sarris about 60 years ago, and now run by his son, Bill, and other family members, Sarris Candies is all about quality and generosity. Well-known for their philanthropy and for empowering the fundraising efforts of schools and organizations around the country, the company is also a source of a vast variety of delicious sweets. Their chocolate-covered pretzels and potato chips are popular salty-and-sweet crowd-pleasers. But the big picture is much broader, and best perceived with a visit to the flagship Sarris store in Canonsburg.

Toffee Taboo

All in Good Taste Productions founder Bob Sendall started this chocolate line in 2004 with his signature Toffee Taboo. The recipe? Start with toffee-encrusted almonds and cashews in dark Belgian chocolate. Top with kosher salt and drizzles of white and dark chocolate. Infuse the combo with Sendall’s always upbeat, always sunny energy, and you have one of Pittsburgh’s most delectable sweet treats.

Milkshake Factory

Edward Marc Chocolatier and The Milkshake Factory, started by fourth-generation chocolatier siblings, spring from their family’s century-plus of gourmet confection legacy to elevate every dessert occasion. The Milkshake Factory, a modern twist on the old-fashioned soda shop, features flavors including Peanut Butter Brownie, Bananas Foster, and Fried Ice Cream. Limited edition items appear every season, including creamy Hot Chocolate and festive shakes. Among the most popular chocolates are Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels, Chocolate Covered S’mores, Fresh Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, and fun seasonal gifting chocolates. The company recently went national, offering its delicious chocolate treats to sweets lovers across the U.S.

Lux Artisan Chocolates

Shelby Ortz began her exploration of tempting flavors and beautiful food compositions in the pastry kitchens of Eleven and Soba. She struck out on her own in 2013 with Lux Artisan Chocolates, her all-handmade, all-natural line of chocolate bars, bonbons, and more. We’re big fans of her chocolate bars, and there are several hidden in drawers around the office. Our favorites? Dark chocolate with macadamia, almond, and coconut.

Story and Styling by Keith Recker / Photography by Dave Bryce

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