Sculptor Isaac Bower Talks Local Art

Isaac Bower has been an artist for 30-plus years. Pittsburgh’s affordability has allowed him to purchase a home with a customized workshop.

Bower focuses on the interactive sculpture system he developed called Cojiform which has been featured at MuseumLab, The Frick Environmental Center, and beyond. Cojiform is a puzzle-type sculpture with infinite design possibilities. But, he also does sculpture commissions for residential and commercial spaces. After seeing Isaac Bower’s work on Instagram, Brenda Friday from interior design store, Shoppe B reached out, which meant a lot.

A tall spiral sculpture by local sculptor Isaac Bower sits against a grey background.

“My work is different than a typical sculpture because people interact with it and become essentially collaborators,” Isaac Bower says. “Brenda has been very supportive of the aesthetic style I’ve developed, but also the overall concept of interactive art.”

He’s always been at home in her store and gets great joy from connecting with others in the arts community. In Pittsburgh, he’s grateful to have found other fabricators who have proven fantastic peers and resources.

Sculptor Isaac Bower sits at a grey table with one of his art pieces sitting in front of him in the form of a spiral sculpture.

Read our article about Shoppe B and Brenda Friday to learn more about local artists Rachael Ryan, Mia Tarducci, Laura Jean McLaughlin, Philip Soucy, and Andrew Jowdy Collins.

Story by Corinne Whiting

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