Soothe Your Nerves with These Local Natural Remedies

Family gatherings, an overwhelming workload, climate change, impending elections: the list of reasons your nerves can be fried in the 21st century goes on and on… take a deep breath, set aside some self-care time, and indulge in one of the below nerve-calming natural remedies.


Triple Moon Alchemy

Herbalist Loukeisa Denise combines her training in Western herbalism, a personal practice of African hoodoo, a passion for alchemy, and the wisdom of her family’s matriarchs in her herb shop, Triple Moon Alchemy. The Wilkinsburg business offers products to nourish and heal, like the “herbal chill pill,” Not Today Satan Tea Blend, for the days where you find yourself thinking, “I just can’t right now,” or the Golden Goddess Bath Soak, crafted with calendula, chamomile and other delicate flowers. Be careful; you might become so relaxed you fall asleep in the tub.

Hippie & French

Hippie & French opened its doors in 2018, becoming Pittsburgh’s first CBD Boutique. It has since evolved to offer both THC and CBD products, dubbing itself as a Cannabis Boutique to encompass the wide range of available items. (No medical marijuana card is needed to shop with them.) From gummies to oils and teas, tinctures, topicals, and more, this is your one-stop shop for holistic medicine.


There’s just something about water that is just, oh, so relaxing… maybe because it’s one of the elements? Whatever the case, at Float Studio, Levity, you can swim your way to inner peace and wellness. Levity’s floatation therapy sessions help calm your mind, body, and spirit as salt water made of dissolved Epsom salts — which makes it extremely easy to float — allows you to become weightless in a sensory deprivation tank. When you lose all your senses, what’s left to worry about?


Chamomile tea is known for its calming properties, making it a great option for promoting relaxation and reducing stress. The following cocktails all feature chamomile in some capacity, so you can zen out on a mixture of herbal tranquility and alcohol.

Relaxing Chamomile Guava MOMosa

A deep pink, almost ruby red cocktail in a champagne flute on a black reflective surface surrounded by a handful of scattered dried chamomile flowers.

Don’t let the name of this cocktail divert you from taking part in its tranquil properties. It’s not just for the mamas. Think chamomile tea, vitamin C, and your own personal esthetician is a glass. Your new favorite health and relaxation shot.

Manzanilla y Fresas

single cocktail glass with flowers sitting inside the glass and around the base.

With its mix of elderflower, sage, and chamomile, say bye-bye to stress and hello to calm.

The Beauty School Dropout Negroni

A red cocktail in a rocks glass sits next to two frozen red fruit cubes. The Beauty School Dropout Negroni Cocktail Recipe

A fun take on a Negroni cocktail. The herbal notes of chamomile-infused Bluecoat Gin join with the sweetness of strawberry-infused Aperol and the light, floral delicacy of Lillet Rosé.

First Bloom

A cocktail yellow in color, sits in a martini glass on a black marble table. chamomile tea cocktail

While ‘First Bloom‘ brings to mind visions of new flower sprouts, its inclusion of lemon juice, honey simple syrup, and chamomile tea makes it a soothing drink choice for any time of year.

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