The Beauty School Dropout: A Negroni Twist

In this fun take on a Negroni cocktail, the herbal notes of chamomile-infused Bluecoat Gin join with the sweetness of strawberry-infused Aperol and the light, floral delicacy of Lillet Rosé. The special touch here: homemade strawberry juice ice cubes, which lend a fresh, sweet-and-tart brightness to this extremely sippable (and nicely pink) drink. Rizzo and the rest of the Pink Ladies from Grease would approve.

Traditionally speaking, the Negroni cocktail is made with equal parts Campari, gin, and sweet red vermouth and garnished with an orange wheel.

The Beauty School Dropout Negroni Cocktail Recipe


1 peck fresh strawberries
1 ¼ oz chamomile-infused Bluecoat Gin
1 oz strawberry-infused Aperol
¼ oz Lillet Rosé


  1. Purée a peck of fresh strawberries and freeze the results in an ice cube tray.
  2. Shake the other ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice.
  3. Put a strawberry ice cube or two in a double old-fashioned glass and pour the mixture to the brim.

Recipe by Rachel Sinagra, Fig & Ash Mixologist / Story by Keith Recker / Photography by Dave Bryce / Produced by Star Laliberte

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