Giving Guide: The Children’s Institute

In 1902, a small group of compassionate Pittsburghers established a specialized home to care for a five-year old boy severely injured in an accident.

From those humble beginnings, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh has continually grown with the world around us. Just as health care and society has changed, the organization has adapted its services to best address individuals with unique abilities and their loved ones.

From polio care to early intervention, The Children’s Institute has responded to the needs of the community with innovative programs that foster healing, growth, and independence.

As the organization celebrates its 120th anniversary, the team is proud of its growth and the impact it has had on the community. More than 6,000 kids and families rely on The Children’s Institute each year and trust the organization to provide unique services for young people with special needs.

Through it all, The Children’s Institute remains rooted in phenomenal care and innovative practices. While located here in Western Pa. with satellite offices across the region, the organization is known throughout the country and beyond for its comprehensive and compassionate care.

From Emil to Anniyah, from Christopher to Amiyr, The Children’s Institute continually improves the quality of life for amazing kids and families by providing expert resources and care.

The staff serves families through educational services, autism services, outpatient physical and behavioral health services, early intervention, and child and family services. To best meet the needs of families, many services are available both in-person and via telehealth.

As it looks forward to the next 120 years, The Children’s Institute seeks to be the lifelong partner to individuals with a disability and their families. It will continue to reach more individuals with an array of exceptional services and be an influential voice on the subjects of disability, education, family support services, behavioral health, and more.

The Children’s Institute will build on its 120 year legacy, and will continue to provide compassionate, personalized care for every child. Just as it has done since 1902.

For more information about The Children’s Institute, please visit or call 412.420.2400.

You can also help ensure each child receives the care they need, regardless of their family’s ability to pay, by making a gift to the Amazing Kids Fund at



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