The Glue Factory Projects at Pittsburgh’s Corningworks is Worth Celebrating

Movements Worth Celebrating 

Beth Corning, the artistic director, choreographer, and dancer behind Pittsburgh dance theater company Corningworks, frequently showcases some of the most daring and jaw-dropping performances in Pittsburgh. To truly recognize Corning’s artistry, one must bear witness to the company’s The Glue Factory Projects, original full-length dance theater works featuring national and international performers age 40 and over. 

“Being ‘put out to pasture’ is an inherent risk in the life cycle of a performing artist,” Corning says on her website. “However, these performing artists engaged in the [Glue Factory Projects] are in their prime, where experience and wisdom have taken root and the most compelling artistry is yet to be discovered.” 

Sometimes serious, sometimes quirky, always artistic and boldly compelling, The Glue Factory Projects doesn’t just entertain but encourages conversation. Recent performance themes have included immigration, the #MeToo movement, and climate change, proving that dance can be not just a form of provocative entertainment, but an implement for change. 

See Beth Corning’s choice of a local dance company to watch.

Story by Lisa Cunningham

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