The Summer Fun Never Ends with These 19 Concert Inspired Cocktails

Yes, it’s fall. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some summer fun. Mix up a refreshing, summer cocktail and dance to our favorite music!

All summer, TABLE Magazine has been rolling out musician-inspired drinks as part of our 2023 Summer Concert Cocktail Series. When top artists arrived in Pittsburgh, we created “pregame” drinks for readers to try before the live music began.

So call up your friends, mix a few cocktails, turn up the stereo, and as Dua Lipa says in her hit track from the Barbie: The Album: “Dance the night away!

The Playlist

The Cocktails

Dreams Cocktail

This beauty is an upscale version of a Gin and Tonic. Named after the quintessential Fleetwood Mac song, “Dreams,” and inspired by Stevie Nicks.

Summer Baby Cocktail

A wooden surface with 2 cocktails in green tinted collins glasses, garnished with a lemon wheel and a tiny clothespin.

Our Summer Baby recipe is a low-carb cocktail inspired by the Jonas Brothers’ recent pop hit. It is an appropriate title for a drink that, like the song lyrics state, “feels like summer.”

You Proof Cocktail

Two mason jar mugs with what looks like ice tea garnished with lemon and mint on a wooden surface with melting ice. cubes

This bourbon cocktail offers a nice kick with a spicy ginger finish, great for summer sipping. Just maybe stay away from porta-potties while sipping on this Morgan Wallen-inspired drink…

Forever Young Cocktail

Two layered cocktails, orange on the bottom and red on the top, in clear square glasses with citrus flames as garnish and 2 lemon wedges to the right of the glasses.

British rock and pop singer-songwriter, Rod Stewart is the inspiration for our Forever Young Cocktail. With a career that’s still going after over 60 years, one might suggest this icon is, himself, forever young.

Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset Cocktail

Two orange colored cocktails in rocks glasses with peach fan garnish and a dark background

Luke Bryan’s “Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset” tells the story of a summer romance. We’ve been romancing all summer long with this cocktail that proves a tasty Bourbon base nip is for more than just country music fans. Enjoy the Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset cocktail on a hot evening with your summer crush.

Appetite for Destruction Cocktail

Two light purple cocktails with smoke and skull ice cubes on a black background

Appetite for Destruction was American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses’ debut solo album. It took about a year after its initial release in July of 1987 for the LP to succeed. But we think this cocktail will be an immediate hit with those who choose to imbibe.

Like a Virgin White Cosmo & Material Girl, Golden, Glitter, Ginger, Appletini

a look in photo with a black background and 3 cocktail glasses. 2 are the shape of a woman's body with a very pale yellow cocktail garnished with a long lemon twist and maraschino cherry, and a single glittery gold cocktail in a shorter glass

Like a Virgin and Material Girl were two of the top-performing songs by ’80s Queen of Pop, Madonna. This music icon not only set the standard for the dance-pop genre, she helped pave the way for a less “narrow-minded” approach to women’s sexuality. Her popularity continues to thrive on controversial, provocative lyrics, fed by a rebellious personality that has been celebrated by women for over three decades.

Sunflower Cocktail

2 orange cocktail in rocks glasses on a black surface with dehydrated orange slices as garnish. The front cocktail is being poured by a woman's hand

The Sunflower Cocktail is inspired by Post Malone’s song of the same name with Swae Lee and his alleged drink of choice, the Screwdriver. Like Malone, the Sunflower Cocktail takes a blend of different “genres” to create a unique flare. Mixing the concept of a classic Screwdriver Highball with the less acidic elements of a Cosmopolitan results in a delightful cocktail you’re sure to adore.

Man, I Feel Like a Woman Cocktail

2 glasses with peach colored cocktails garnished with peach slice fans and jalapeño slices sitting on a vibrant green wooden surface

It’s a totally crazy, forget your a lady, kind of cocktail. You can’t sip on Man, I Feel Like a Woman without those classic Shania Twain lyrics making their way into your head, and probably out of your mouth. Is it because you love that catchy tune, or is it the tequila talking? Whichever it may be, it’s your prerogative to have a little fun.

Baker’s Dozen Cocktail

two cocktails that have a light brown color with round cocktail ice cubes and mini cake, powdered and chocolate coated donuts as garnish

Our Baker’s Dozen Cocktail, Inspired by Phish, comes with a little fun fact moment for those who are not “aphishianados.” In 2017, between July 21st and August 6th, this polarizing jam-band played 13 shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Each performance featured a unique set list with no repeated songs, and get this, a special donut served to the audience from Philadelphia’s hometown hero, Federal Donuts. During the course of the 13 shows, Phish performed 237 total songs that were recorded live and sold as a special, limited-release boxed set titled The Complete Baker’s Dozen on November 30th of the following year.

So What Cocktail

a look in at 2 identical dark peachy pink cocktail on a black background with ice cube and peach wedges as garnish

The song may have been written as a joke — so says Pink — but our So What Cocktail, inspired by the singer-songwriter, is no-joke, dangerously delicious!

Prickly Pear Lemonade & Queen Bee Cocktails

a look in on a light green tile surface and white background of a dark pink cocktail in a tall glass with mint, blueberry and watermelon garnish, and a honey yellow cocktail tin a stemmed glass garnished with honeycomb and a drip of honey from a honey stir stick held by a woman. Beyoncé cocktail

We hoped our Prickly Pear Lemonade and Queen B cocktails might lessen the sting of Queen Bey’s Pittsburgh Renaissance Tour stop cancellation. About a month before Beyoncé was set to hit Acrisure Stadium, a statement from stadium officials was released citing “production logistics and scheduling issues” that would prohibit the artist from visiting Pittsburgh. While we may have lost the big venue opportunity to groove with the Queen, that didn’t stop us from paying homage to the R&B pop icon with not one, but two cocktails. In the words of Beyoncé herself, “We gettin’ f…. up tonight!”

Lover Cocktail

2 tall narrow orange cocktails with a pick sugar petal and raspberry garnish with a deep red background, Taylor Swift cocktails

Pop sensation Taylor Swift has taken a generation by storm. Don’t let the incredibly personal, poetic stories of heartbreak fool you. She may sing about her misfortunes with love, but this fierce singer-songwriter stands tall and confident on stages all over the world with red-painted lips representative of her passion for entertaining and the love she has for her fans, for life, and for helping others.

It’s a sentiment widely reciprocated by her fanbase, which continues to grow in loyalty and number, perhaps because she uses her platform to give back. It has been reported that, during her ‘Eras Tour,’ Taylor is quietly making generous donations to food poverty charities along the way. It’s this altruistic nature that inspires our tall Taylor Swift-themed cocktail topped with sweet sugar petals and red raspberry.

Crush Cocktail

a deep red cocktail in a hanging glass with a small bird hole type opening with a dark background and smoke

Right side up or upside down? It’s real, even though it feels like you’re dreaming. This rum-based cocktail, inspired by Dave Matthews Band’s “Crush,” will leave you sitting, smoking and feeling… well, you know.

Typical Average Cocktail

two yellow cocktails in small glass cartons with mint sprig garnish on a white tile surface

A Typical Average Cocktail for a “typical average teen, if you know what I mean.” We went all the way back to the year 2005 when Ed Sheeran self-released his first EP, The Orange Room, for this cocktail inspo. The third track on the album was titled Typical Average.

Rio Cocktail

Two identical cocktails in iridescent wine glasses garnished with dragon fruit pinwheels and mango rolls made to look like roses.

Like a river that twists through a dusty land, our Rio Cocktail will leave you dancing in the sand. It was created with the tropical flavors you’d sip on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, John Taylor’s original inspiration. But it was Simon Le Bon who wrote the track’s lyrics and switched it to a girl named Rio. It’s part of Duran Duran’s musical legacy now!

Summer’s In Your Blood Cocktail

2 cocktail glasses rimmed with tajin and fanned strawberries over a gradient of red/orange cocktail on a brown wood table with a lime wedge and jalapeño slices. A Boygenius inspired cocktail

You can’t help but become the sun” when you’re sipping on Summer’s In Your Blood, a cocktail inspired by Boygenius’ song “True Blue.” Step away from unpredictability and sip a cocktail with your besties. Soak in the vibe of this American indie rock supergroup.

Recipes by Sarah Cascone / Styling by Anna Calabrese / Photography by Dave Bryce / Story by Star Laliberte and Jordan Snowden

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