Traditional Italian Establishments in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, a city forged by steel and industry, also boasts a rich and vibrant Italian heritage throughout its history. This legacy continues to flavor the lives of its residents; not just through restaurants, but also through the presence of traditional Italian grocery stores and bakeries. These establishments aren’t merely places to buy food; they’re cherished establishments, passed down through generations, serving as cornerstones of the Italian community. Stepping inside one of these stores is like stepping into a time capsule, transporting you to a world filled with the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked bread, overflowing shelves of imported goods, and the sounds of passionate conversation about all things Italian.

Traditional Italian Establishments in Pittsburgh

Rico’s Restaurant

Back in 1979, Rico’s Restaurant opened in Ross Township, starting the story for this Pittsburgh staple. Started by Tuscany born Rico Lorenzini, the restaurant is now owned by his son, David. Though Rico still works closely with Chef Dennis DeLuca in the kitchen to bring you authentic Tuscan flavors in dishes like Fettuccine allo Scoglio and Veal Florence. 

Labriola’s Italian Market

No matter what Italian products you need, Labriola’s has you covered with quality produce at reasonable prices. The family run business has been serving the Pittsburgh community for over 80 years and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Stop in for hot meals, deli counters, pancetta, arborio rice, capers, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, the locally famous Labriola Italian sausage, and so much more.

Joseph Tambellini Restaurant

With two floors and an outdoor patio, it’s not just the food, but the atmosphere that’ll have you coming back to Joseph Tambellini Restaurant. For over 16 years, this establishment has been providing Italian fine dining with only the freshest ingredients. Plus, don’t forget to explore their extensive Italian and Californian wine list for a complete experience.

Mancini’s Bakery

Looking for fresh baked Italian bread to accompany your pasta dish dinner? The bakery was the idea of James Mancini, an Italian immigrant, who apprenticed himself to a baker at the age of 14 when he started to create his own recipes. Mancini’s Bakery has used old-world techniques since their start in 1926 to keep a consistent, quality product. Pick up a loaf and try their iconic “twist” technique today.

Pennsylvania Macaroni Company

Have you ever craved the taste of handmade pasta but don’t want to splurge on a dinner out? Pennsylvania Macaroni Company provides over ten different types of handmade, ready-to-cook pasta alongside other Italian imports. With over 5,000 specialty products, you never know what you’ll find on the shelves to bring a bit of deliciousness into your kitchen. 

Parma Sausage Products

Processed meats will weigh down your home cooking with hormones and other additives. But, at Parma Sausage Products, every meat in the deli case has guaranteed quality by their USDA seal. What started with first generation owners Alessio and Rina Spinabelli in 1930s Northern Italy has now become a fourth generation must-see in the Strip District.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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