Visual Artist Mia Tarducci Sees Hope for Pittsburgh’s Art Scene

Visual artist Mia Tarducci primarily works with oil paints, whether 2D or 3D. Coming from a family of creators, she moved to Pittsburgh in 1998 and has been working as a professional artist here for 16 years.

Tarducci has known Brenda Friday, owner of the interior design store Shoppe B, for several years and was thrilled when she opened her Lawrenceville store. “She has a true appreciation for the talent that exists here and a sincere desire to showcase the work we do,” she says.

A woman artist in all black stand with her legs crossed and looking to the right in front of one of her big paintings.

Tarducci thinks being a working artist is difficult in any city, but the scene has changed for the better. She ran an art space called The Mine Factory for five years, primarily to fill the void of places for Pittsburgh-based artists to show work. Although she closed the doors in 2017, many other grassroots efforts continue spotlighting the creative community.

“As a result of artists lifting artists, we’ve seen an increased number of younger creators staying in Pittsburgh, more businesses engaging artists for public works and a resurgence of patrons looking for art in Pittsburgh rather than elsewhere,” she says. “I feel we’re just beginning to feel the effects of a robust artistic movement.”

Mia Tarducci shows off white paint on her hands in her visual arts studio in Pittsburgh which lines the walls in paintings.

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Story by Corinne Whiting / Photography by Adam Milliron

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