Wick Monet Holds Second Annual International Film Festival

Going to the movie theater is a relaxing ritual we’ve rediscovered since the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sitting down in the dark room, cuddled into a comfy seat with speakers all around and popcorn in hand…how wonderful! It’s tempting to go see all the new blockbuster hits you hear about as awards season hits, but the Wick Monet International Film Festival gives you a reason to head to the Harris Theatre instead.

An Introduction to International Film

On January 13, the Wick Monet gallery will hold its festival for a second year, celebrating the art of storytelling within short films. The goal of the experience is to introduce audiences to stories from around the world. Often, bigger American film studios silence drown out these voices from countries like Spain, Korea, and Africa. But, Wick Monet raises these voices up and gives them a platform to present their work to the community of Pittsburgh and beyond. 

Block One of Showings

All films lined up for the event are under 40 minutes and will be shown in three separately themed blocks. The first block starts at 12:30 p.m. and focuses on life-engaging stories. Many of these movies feature important life milestones, everyday stories, and alluring adventures.

One of the films titled Frontline introduces audiences to the lesson of resilience as it follows healthcare heroines in their trek to Mont Blanc. But not all of the stories are as heartwarming. The showing of Cycle of Women highlights the medical inequalities that women have faced throughout history. 

Block Two of Showings

The 3pm showings continue the day with different perspectives from around the globe. The films shown in this block represent cultures outside of America in touching ways.

Ivory Tulle, for example, tells the story of a Filipino bride-to-be who struggles with enjoying her wedding day due to family and peer pressure to invite her estranged father. It takes a peek into the world of Filipino family relationships and how the bond differs in some ways from similar relationships in North America. Another oil, Keep Moving, explores feelings of grief expressed by dancers of varying ethnicity, each of whom bring their culture into their ways of coping. 

Block Three 

Finish off the day at 6:30 p.m. with the last block of showings which contains films made by Pittsburghers. Local filmmakers often work on these movies for long periods of time and the festival wishes to bring their shorts into the spotlight.

A Little Glass of Rum, a film from Point Park University’s Cinema Arts department, tells the story of a prison guard and his family’s murderer, blending lessons of grief and justice that will stick with the audience. Pivot, a tale of the complexities of ambition and love from alumni at University of Pittsburgh, shows a girlfriend who got into her dream university confronting her boyfriend about his goals. 

Story by Kylie Thomas

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