Best, Easy, Quick, Fast: 6 Simple Dinner Recipes

Greetings! You’ve landed in a helpful place. This is the first in a new TABLE series featuring recipes of the best, easiest, and quickest variety. The type of recipes you turn to when you’re in a pinch, short on time, or just have one of those lazy, low-energy days.

The following simple dinner recipes are tasty and satisfying, yet don’t require much effort or fuss. They’re easy to follow. You won’t see any complicated techniques or hard-to-find ingredients. And you won’t be spending hours in the kitchen dealing with prep and clean up. Ummm… You’re welcome in advance.

Summer Veggie en Croute

A summer veggie en croute, puff pastry filled with chopped vegetables in a cast iron skillet

This simple recipe invites you to chop up two cups of your favorite garden vegetables and pop them into a puff pastry galette… resting on a creamy bed of mascarpone and seasonings. The results will make you look like a French chef, but the process couldn’t be more straightforward.

Simple Chicken Marbella

An arial view of a round white baking dish with chicken thighs, olives, prunes, and capers, and two yellow dishes with single servings of the same with gold forks

Chicken Marbella is an easy choice when you know you will be limited on time. The recipe calls for marinating the chicken overnight, but the preparation is ultra simple, and the outcome is packed full of the kind of flavors one would expect from a meal you’ve slaved over to prepare.

Easy Sausage and Feta Sheet Pan Dinner

A sheet pan dinner with sausage, red grape tomatoes, and feta cheese with a bowl of tomatoes and a plate with red onion

This Easy Sausage and Feta Sheet Pan Dinner recipe will make weeknight dinner a breeze. One pan. Simple ingredients. Easy-peasy prep. All of this pays off big time with fun, flavorful results everyone will love.

Summer Scallops and Corn Sheet Pan Supper

A sheet pan filled with Summer Scallops and Corn. To the side sits bowls of peppers, lemon, and salt. Scallops recipe

Three simple primary ingredients make, after a short time in the oven, a great one-pan supper. The natural sweetness of corn and scallops plays off of the heat of jalapeños in a beautiful way. You can make this easy recipe with friends, leaving plenty of time for happy chitchats and a glass of wine. Enjoy!

Asian Stone Fruit Chicken Bake

A sheet pan with chicken thighs, halved apricots, purple onions and baby potatoes with a stack of creamy yellow plates and gold forks. Asian Stone Fruit Chicken Bake Recipe

Swap out different stone fruits throughout the summer and fall, and let us know which you enjoy most in this easy chicken bake recipe! Simply season all the ingredients on a sheet pan, bake, and boom! This healthy meal is as visually appealing as it is delicious.

One Pan Spicy Cinnamon Chicken and Carrots

A white casserole dish sits with carrots and chicken covered with a redish glaze. To the rights sits a plate with the chicken and carrot recipe.

Inspired by the flavors of Eastern and North African cuisine, this one-pan dinner utilizes two key ingredients: cinnamon and harissa. Together, the flavors play off one another for a simple hot and spicy chicken and carrot dish ready in under an hour.

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