Explorations in Pittsburgh Asian Cuisine

The ‘Burgh abounds in delicious Asian cuisine: make a plan to experience TABLE staff’s favorite dishes.

Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33: Soup Dumplings

1711 Shady Avenue
Served piping-hot with a side of black vinegar and ginger to pour on top. Their halibut steamed fish is another must-try.

Pho Van: Pho Dac Biet and Fresh Shrimp Rolls

2120 Penn Avenue
Pho Van’s pho dac biet is one of the best in town. Pair it with their fresh shrimp rolls: lettuce, mint, bean sprouts, noodles, and shrimp wrapped in rice paper and served with a peanut bean sauce for dipping.

Ramen Bar: Tan Tan Men

5860 Forbes Avenue
For those who like it hot: a spicy sesame soup featuring ramen noodles, spinach, and seasoned ground beef.

täkō: Korean Tacos and Bistec Tacos

214 Sixth Street
Don’t miss the Korean tacos (flank steak, spicy cucumber, napa cabbage, and peanut salsa, with a soybean glaze) or the Bistec tacos (cabbage slaw, pico de gayo, chihuahua cheese, and cilantro, topped with tomatillo morita salsa) at this Downtown Japanese-Mexican fusion eatery.

People’s Indian Restaurant: Chicken Tikka

5147 Penn Avenue
We’ve yet to meet a person who’s tried People’s Indian Restaurant and hasn’t fallen in love. This Garfield eatery 100% lives up to its hype. Pair their chicken tikka, boneless chicken marinated overnight in yogurt and cooked in a clay oven, with a lassi, a sweet and salted creamy mango drink.

Udipi Café: Rasam Soup

4141 Old William Penn Highway
This traditional South Indian soup is a tantalizing mix of sour and spicy. Aloo paratha, whole-wheat stuffed with potatoes and spices, is an excellent addition.

Lucy’s Banh Mì

2216 Penn Avenue
Everything is good here … but first-timers might want to start with banh mì, a baguette-based sandwich that speaks to the layers of Vietnamese and French influence at play in Vietnamese cuisine. The fried rice is delicious, too!

Story by Jordan Snowden / Styling by Anna Calabrese / Photography by Dave Bryce

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