Pickled Aliens’ Handcrafted Pottery with a Halloween Twist

Traditional Halloween decor ranges from yard inflatables and animatronics to ceramic pumpkins that sit on the mantle. But, some decorations are functional, unique, and sure to wow any guests. These practical little creatures are Pickled Aliens Pottery

Creating a Personality in a Mug

These carefully crafted masterpieces started in 2008 with goofy eyes, kooky teeth, and a personality all their own. Each listing includes a specific name for the pottery piece, so it’s like you are receiving a little friend. 

The potter, Jaison, handcrafts each creation with care. He creates them by using wheel throwing and pinch pot techniques, then finishing in electric and wood kilns. This is truly top notch pottery with a Halloween twist.

Beyond the Basics

Pickled Aliens Pottery carries a diverse range of products, including mugs, vases, planters, spoon rests, and even a salt keeper. The availability is constantly changing to include new types of items and characters. In August, the store had a shaving kit that included a classic mongrel bowl named Emush, shaving soap, and a brush. 

Historical forms inspire Jaison, so you may even find variations of traditional Greek pottery. Jugs, bowls, and pots represent the style, all with delicate, spiraled handles featuring three-dimensional beings on a curved surface. 

Adopt Your Mongrel

The drops of different collections are announced on Pickled Aliens’ Instagram at @pickledalienspottery, or you can fill out a contact form at their website. The shop also participates in many craft fairs around the Pittsburgh area.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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