How to Grill Corn and Fresh Vegetables

No need to overcomplicate the process when it comes to farm stand corn and fresh veggies. Since they cook pretty quickly, this is a good last-minute task to do while the meat you’ve prepared is resting.

How to Grill Corn and Fresh Vegetables


When it comes to grilling corn, I have found that cooking them in the husk is the best way to cook. The husk will char on the outside while steaming the corn on the inside, yielding a tender, smoky and delicious bite every time.

    1. Pull back the husks just enough to remove the silks. Pull the husks back into place.
    2. Place the corn onto a hot grill.
    3. Once the corn is cooked, allow the outside to cool slightly and peel away the husk.
    4. Return the corn to the grill if you desire some grill marks.  If not, just slather it with butter, a pinch of salt, and a squeeze of lime.


Grilled vegetables are a great way to add some unique flavors and textures to the meal.  While the steaks are resting, throw the veggies on the grill.

    1. Cut them into pieces at least ½ inch thick.
    2. Season with desired seasoning and a very light drizzle of oil, just enough to coat.
    3. Place on the grill and cover with lid. They will cook quickly, so don’t wander too far.
    4. Turn the veggies after a few mins, or sooner once you see nice grill marks. Pull them from the grill and place on a platter.
    5. Season with a pinch of salt, a drizzle of olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon.

Play with the flavors and colors you find at the store or your local farm. Enjoy the moment and have fun with it.


    1. Grilling safely is the most important part. Never leave a lit grill unattended.
    2. Cook on a flat, level surface at least 10 feet from any building
    3. Play with seasonings. I prefer salt and pepper, and fire, which lets the meat shine.
    4. Add a few lemons cut in half to the grill. Simply brush with olive oil and place them flesh side down for a couple of minutes. They make for a great finishing touch for all of your grilled goodies.

Story by Chef Kevin Hermann / Photography by Laura Petrilla

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