Italian Almond Creme Soda Cocktail

A cocktail with a nostalgic flavor. Creme soda takes us down a walk on memory lane. Remember the satisfying flavor of that sweet soda on a hot summer day after playing in the yard with your friends or returning from a bike ride through your neighborhood? We’re all grown up now, and playing in the yard with friends looks a little more like relaxing on the patio after a long workday, and bike rides are more like sweating out the weekend in front of a large screen with an all-access membership to countless workouts. But we still enjoy a good creme soda. It’s just now they are the boozy kind!

Italian Almond Cream Soda Cocktail Recipe


1 part Wigle Coffee Liqueur
2 parts bourbon
1 bar spoon Maraschino Liqueur
5 parts Red Ribbon Almond Cream Soda


  1. In a glass with ice, mix the first three ingredients.
  2. Top with soda, garnish, and enjoy!

Recipe by Justin Matase / Photography by Jeff Swensen / Story by Star Laliberte

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