Pittsburgh’s Taco Scene Thrives Beyond Tuesday

Local blogger Lisa Theuer shares her Pittsburgh taco faves with TABLE readers. The layers of flavor and craft represented here will tickle the taste buds and intrigue the palate.

Edgar’s Best Tacos

108 19th Street
Edgar’s Best speaks for itself: it really is the best! Some of the most authentic tacos around and always made with a smile on Edgar’s face. Edgar’s best, by far, is the barbacoa. It’s made with lamb shoulder, chilies, and lots of citrus and served on corn tortillas with your choice of salsas. Hard to beat a stop at Edgar’s Best on a nice day in the Strip District.

La Palapa

2224 E. Carson Street
Don’t be intimidated by the lengua! These beef tongue tacos are insanely delicious at La Palapa. The lengua is tender and juicy, and comes across like a nice cut of steak. I love it Mexican-style with cilantro, onion, and a lime wedge. The menu has so many options, but I still find myself always ordering the tacos de lengua when I visit.


926 Sheraton Drive, Mars
A must-order at Tepache, Cochinita Pibil is a traditional dish from the Yucatán Peninsula. It involves marinating pork in an acidic, peppery sauce and then slow-roasting it for hours. These tacos at Tepache are incredibly tender and flavorful and are served on their fresh tortillas with pickled red onions.

Las Palmas Tacos

Brookline, Beechview, Oakland
You may not look twice at the little stand in front of the Las Palmas grocery stores, but you do not want to underestimate these tacos. My preferred taco there is the Al Pastor, a sweet-and-savory combination of pork and pineapple. Las Palmas gives you a generous serving of protein in each taco and loads on the toppings. They have multiple locations throughout the city and the price point can’t be beat.


810 Ivy Street
If you want to try something different, the octopus taco is the perfect option at Tocayo. The grilled octopus is super tender and is paired with the chile de árbol for some nutty and smoky flavor. Octopus can be tricky to not overcook, and Tocayo nails it every time.

Story by Lisa Theuer, @lmt_eats / Styling by Anna Calabrese / Photography by Laura Petrilla

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