Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings with These 4 Pittsburgh Pizza Joints

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza… you know the rest! Sheryl Johnston, chef and kitchen manager at East End Chewing inside East End Brewing, feels the love for these favorite spots.

East End Chewing

147 Julius Street
Longtime food connoisseur Sheryl Johnston — veteran of Conflict Kitchen and Quiet Storm — now serves up inventive specials at East End Brewing. Sheryl’s is favorite the Jalapeño Popper. Most pies can be made vegan. Best of all? Less than $20 for a full pie.

Jioio’s Restaurant 

939 Carbon Road, Greensburg
It’s not technically Pittsburgh, and it’s been years since I’ve actually had it, but that sweet, sweet sauce will live forever in my memory. I tried to model my sauce after it, and people often say my sauce is their favorite thing about the pizza at East End, so I feel like I got it right. Get a classic pepperoni to really appreciate the interplay of the sweet sauce and the salty meat and cheese.

Spak Brothers

5107 Penn Avenue
Gotta shout-out friends from the olden times when Quiet Storm and Spak were holding it down with vegetarian and vegan options on Penn Avenue in Garfield. Spak outlasted us, and at least part of the reason is their excellent house-made seitan and dedication to making pizza that omnivores and vegans can all enjoy. Plus, their Pickle Pizza is the bomb, and I kinda copied it.


242 51st Street
I recently had a Sunday off and spent the afternoon in the gloriously dark and cavernous Spirit basement bar, sipping cocktails and eating fantastic pizza topped with smoked sausage and gouda. Their crust is just thick enough with plenty of crisp and char, and they are fearless and creative with the toppings. Highly recommend the whole dark-quiet-bar-on-a-Sunday-afternoon vibe, but I have fond memories of enjoying their pizza in the sun on the patio, too. I think the Lemon Pizza World is a regular item and a great showcase for their creative flavors.

Story by Sheryl Johnston 

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