Wines for the Host and Hostess

Wine is a great hostess gift because it is inherently meant to be shared. This means that your gift is multiplied beyond the host and hostess you have in mind and into their circles of family and friends. Your gift can be the centerpiece of a family meal, drinks with friends and commemorating a special occasion. These special events can be the beginning of a memorable moment or the creating of a core memory..thanks to you!

Think about these wines as great hostess gifts this year:

Freixenet : A flirty and jovial Spanish sparkling wine that is an on-budget crowd-pleaser! Dry and effervescent, it will kick off all a wide range of holiday occasions without breaking the bank. $15.99 at Fine Wine & Good Spirits

Nebbiolo: Gorgeous Nebbiolo hails from a small but high quality wine region of Langhe, nestled in Italy’s Piedmont region. This is a great bottle to gift during the holidays because it is layered yet delicate, and will pair well with most of your host and hostess’s holiday meals. $21.99 at Fine Wine & Good Spirits

Sancerre: The gem of the Loire Valley will make you the gem of the party . This high acid and crisp white wine is perfect for from Thanksgiving to Christmas, turkey to ham. $29.99 at Fine Wine & Good Spirits

CDP: The name is born from Pope John XXII who encouraged viticulture in the area and created a sort of papal summer retreat. This was wine made by priests from the best french vines for the Pope. This is an incredible regal wine that if decanted properly (one hour in advance) will be smooth and silky to the tongue. Please advise your host and hostess that this special bottle that should be shared on a special occasion with loved ones. $74.99 at Fine Wine & Good Spirits

Champagne: What better way to kick off the holiday season than by uncorking a bottle of champagne. Ruinart is a wonderful sparkling rosé because it has a perfect balance between the red fruit and brioche notes. This elegant bottle will impress your host and hostess with its ability to pair well with many dishes — but particularly with hors-doeuvres. $74.99 at Fine Wine & Good Spirits



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