9 Indoor Activities for Kids in Pittsburgh

When it’s cold outside and there’s no snow on the ground, it’s nearly impossible hard to find an outside activity that’s enjoyable and lets your little one expend some energy. Don’t worry, though: you can have just as much active fun with an indoor activity, and you’ll stay warm in the process. Maybe you’ll join in the fun and become a kid at heart again. Whether your family is jumping through the air on a trampoline or learning to climb a rock wall, get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Urban Air Adventure Park

Get ready to jump, climb, and fly as you explore trampolines, rock walls, dodgeball, warrior courses, and so much more, at Urban Air Adventure Park. This isn’t your average trampoline park. It’s crafted with various types of attractions so that people of all ages have something to enjoy like trampoline dodgeball or just traditional bouncing. 

Museum of Illusions Pittsburgh

This new museum on the North Shore immerses you in the world of illusions, where nothing is quite as it seems. Explore a spinning Vortex Tunnel, tiptoe through the Tilted Room, and even serve up your own head on a silver platter. It all sounds crazy, but you’ll just have to trust us and see for yourself.

Highmark SportsWorks

As a part of the Carnegie Science Center, Highmark Sportsworks gets your little ones’ hearts pumping. They will get all their wiggles out with the Motion Lab which combines sport exercises and science. They can also check out the Sports Challenge to test their reaction time against an ice hockey goalie.

Fun Slides Carpet Skatepark

For ages 3 and up, keep out of the cold and get the a snowboarding or skiing experience…with carpet skates. It’s as easy as sliding across the hardwood floor in your socks but with ramps and other fun obstacles. Even if carpet skating isn’t your thing they also have blacklight dodgeball, mini golf, arcade, and a glowing bounce house and slide.  


This mini golf course will make you feel like you’re living in the future. With new technology, the golf balls at Puttshack track your game for you, scoring a range of points depending on how you play the game. You’ll want to score as many points as possible by landing your ball in the glowing supertube or hitting bonus goals. Some holes may be a bit too challenging for younger players, so it’s recommended for children seven or older. 

Ice Castle Arena

Since the weather fluctuates so often in Pennsylvania, you’re probably better off planning an ice skating day indoors so you don’t end up with the ice melting beneath your skates and rain soaking your from head to toe. Head on over to the Ice Castle Arena and skate the day away. A concession stand is on hand in case your stomach starts rumbling. Plus, on the weekends, the arena is covered in “disco” lighting. 

Fun Fore All

Who doesn’t love a day at the video game arcade? The thrill of trying to win tickets for a prize of your choice makes that day especially memorable. At Fun Fore All, you can play for tickets or just for fun and even take part in their special XD Dark Ride. The 4D experience will take your family through an adventure of riding, running, flying, and falling, all while using laser blasters to get the highest score.


As an extension of the Children’s Museum, MuseumLab allows kids 10 and older to have cutting-edge experiences in art, tech and making. Climb a three-story lace sculpture created by artist Manca Ahlin, hop through the inflatable Chroma Maze, or sign up for a class to learn hands-on STEM skills. 


South Side and Point Breeze’s climbing, fitness, and yoga gym isn’t just for adults. Both locations have youth programming customized for all different age groups. Not to mention, if you’d like to join your child, they have family climb classes where you can learn the basics of safety, bouldering, rope wall climbing, and more side by side.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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