Are You Team Barbie or Team Oppenheimer?

Two much-anticipated movies debut July 21: Greta Gerwig’s fantasy comedy Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, a war drama chronicling scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer and the role he played in the development of the atomic bomb. Because of the two drastically different vibes of the projects — one sun-soaked and pink, the other dark and serious — Barbie and Oppenheimer have been put in both a premier battle (the memes are rampant and hilarious) and a double feature dubbed ‘Barbenheimer,’ with moviegoers planning to see both films in one day.

Whether you’re #TeamBarbie, #TeamOppenheimer, or a #Barbenheimer person, we’ve put together a collection of recipes, clothing items, and more, to help you get into the spirit of whatever side you so choose.

Drink Up

For a recent wine tasting at the TABLE Magazine studios, Pittsburgh-based wine educator and consultant Adam Knoerzer shared the following selection of rosé that will have you feeling tickled pink and all ready for Barbie and Ken.

Sun Goddess Pinot Grigio Ramato
Domaine de l’Olivette Bandol Rosé 2022
E. Guigal Tavel 2022
Barton & Gustier Rosé D’Anjou 2020
Pierre Sparr Crémant d’Alsace Brute Rosé

Pickled Radish Martini sits in a martini glass, light pink in color, with a lemon peel and radish acting as a garnish.

Pickled Radish Martini

Radish… in a cocktail? You read that right. Don’t let the idea of root vegetables in your drink turn you away from trying our pickled radish martini. We think it has some serious “Kenergy.”

Next to a large vase of flowers sits two strawberry farm cocktails in short rocks glasses, garnished with basil.

Strawberry Farm Cocktail

Shake up a strawberry storm with this vodka cocktail. You know this is what Barbie sips when the cameras are not pointed at her.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Milkshake sits in a milkshake glass, pink in color. A strip of chocolate goes across the middle of the glass.

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Milkshake with a Kick

Make it for the whole family, and add a little bourbon spike for the grown-ups. It’s pink and powerful.

A orange with half its peel off sits to the right of a smoked bourbon old fashioned in rocks glass. curls of smoke waft off the glass.

Smoked Bourbon Old Fashioned

A historic drink for a movie seeped in history. And perhaps something to take the edge off as we contemplate the Nuclear Age.

chocolate martini on the edge of a table dressed in a red tablecloth

Chocolate Martini

A serious film about world-changing atom bombs needs a little fun… right?

Eat Up

An aerial view of Milkweed Flower Pound Cake sitting sliced on a white serving tray, surrounded by flowers. Milkweed Flower Pound Cake Recipe

Milkweed Flower Pound Cake

This recipe will get you out into the warm meadows of summer to forage for just a few ounces of milkweed flowers. If you’re on “Team Barbie,” you’ll love the pink. If you’re in “Camp Oppenheimer,” you might need the engagement with nature.

Three Watermelon Sandwiches served on a heightened plate. Two sandwiches served on two smaller plates on the side.

Watermelon Sandwiches

A refreshing and easy summer treat. Honestly, these are delicious enough for both movies.

Strawberry Honey Galette on a broken slab with a fork and a 1/4th of a plate on the side

Strawberry Honey Galette

A magical use of fresh strawberries in this Strawberry Honey Galette will make it disappear before your very eyes. Both Barbie and Bob would approve.

Vegetable Soup in a metal bowl with a spoon and green leaves on the sides, includes zucchini and yellow squash.

Vegetable Soup

A steaming bowl of hearty vegetable soup, bursting with colorful and nutritious ingredients, is the ultimate comfort food. Just in case the excitement of these movies leaves you in need of sustenance.

Buttered Mushroom Tartine on two separate plates with mushrooms in one plate and a dip sauce in another

Buttered Mushroom Tartine

The art of tartine making is something that every home cook should perfect. Yes, this is a mushroom cloud reference.

Step Out

Ritual House

Pittsburgh’s Ritual House will be paying homage to the Barbie movie with an original craft cocktail, Life in Plastic, it’s Fantastic, made with Malibu Rum, lychee, Ritual House Prosecco (on tap), pink luster dust, cotton candy. It comes complete with your very own Ken doll.

Blue Sky Kitchen and Bar

Blue Sky Kitchen and Bar Drag Brunch is being Barbie-fied, with pink food, drinks, games, and more Barbie-themed fun, on July 30.


Shorty’s Waterfront location, Tap x Taco, invites guests to celebrate Barbie’s debut on the big screen with three specialty craft cocktails: the Malibu Dream House, made with El Jimador tequila, coconut syrup, strawberry syrup, lime juice, and finished with a Tajin rim; the Let’s Go Party cocktail, created with Faber cherry vodka, demerara syrup, lime juice, lemonade, and house-made grenadine; and the Think Pink! cocktail, crafted with Faber Citrus Vodka, Faber Peach Schnapps, simple syrup, lemon juice, Sprite, and pink

Sugar Spells Scoops

This weekend only, find Barbie-themed ice cream, sundaes, and floats or pre-order pints of Barbie… & Ken, made of a combination of pink, fruity dragonfruit sorbet and Blue Moon ice cream.

Valentine Suede Heel

Channel Barbie every day with these virbant pink suede heels from Shoe The Bear.

Le Patou Bag

A pop of pink makes every outfit brighter.

Canali Classic Fit Solid Wool Suit

Channel your inner secret agent with this structured, fine-fit suit.

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