Kilimanjaro Flavour Brings African Cuisine to Pittsburgh

Have you ever wanted to try authentic African cuisine but couldn’t afford the plane trip? Kilimanjaro Flavour is a food truck in Pittsburgh that gives us all a chance to travel the world without the leaving home. 

From Hobby To Career

Owner Grace Mrema started cooking in her kitchen as a hobby to embrace her culture and remind her of her life in Tanzania. It was a way for her to keep busy and also bring East African cuisine to the people who missed it as much as she did. She realized there was a market for her food after gaining a following on Instagram thanks to her culinary skills and beautiful plating. 

But, opening a food truck wasn’t easy for Grace, nor a first choice. It would require a loan and lots of solo hard work to get where she is today. However, thanks to her dedicated fanbase, she’s able to nourish Pittsburgh’s. 

Making Home In A Truck

Kilimanjaro Flavour is a food truck experience that feels like a whole meal rather than just a quick bite. Each dish on the menu is packed with a hearty serving size and a special blend of spices. 

A black plate with coconut chicken, rice, and vegetables arranged on top from Kilimanjaro Flavour. Various herbs and colorful edible flowers are scattered throughout as well.

The Zanzibar Coconut Chicken takes local chicken thighs and sautés them in coconut milk and cooking herbs. The tender chunks are placed overtop a bed of steamed rice and mixed vegetables. It’s a meal that tastes homey, fulfilling, and packed with flavor.

A cream colored plate with braised beef, rice, a mixed vegetable slaw, and an edible flower on top from kilimanjaro flavour.

Grace also uses beef as another protein that’s essential to African cuisine. She slow-cooks her Wakanda Braised Beef in a vegetable paste and serves it on top of a bed of rice and mixed vegetables. It’ll bring you a true taste of Tanzania in just one order. 

a blue plate filled with turkey samosas from kilimanjaro flavour. limes and peppers are also placed throughout the plate.

No matter what dinner you decide to get, be sure to finish it off with Grace’s Samosas or Sweet Plantains. She stuffs the Samosas with turkey and vegetables and includes a Mild Spicy Apple Cider Sauce for dipping. But if you want dessert, Grace fries her Sweet Plantains with no added sugar for a natural sweetness.

The food truck currently partners with various breweries and festivals to form its schedule but would love to find a more permanent space in the future. So keep your eye open on their Facebook page to find out when you can take your culinary journey to Tanzania.

Story by Kylie Thomas / Photography by Dave Bryce

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