Seafood Broil for 2

When it comes to seafood, it’s best enjoyed simply, as in a seafood broil for two. No muss, no fuss… but a big, tasty payoff when you sit down to enjoy it with someone special.

The fashion industry is tapping into quiet luxury, a new-age, minimalistic approach to fashion that focuses on quality materials and thoughtful purchases that are considered more of an investment rather than fast fashion.

We’ve given some thought to this concept and think it can undoubtedly translate into the food and beverage world as well. By way of a similar approach, recipes with fewer ingredients, simple preparations, time-honored tastes, and flavors with a nostalgic feel of splendor can also find their way into this trend of quiet luxury. If your desire is to share a romantic, quiet moment with your partner, add a luxurious cocktail like our Cognac and Cardamom French 75. Tastes like foreplay. Or so we’ve heard.

Seafood Broil for Two


Lobster tails
U10 scallops
Snow crab cluster
Littleneck clams
14-16 Gulf shrimp, shell still on


This recipe comes together quickly, but the seafood requires a touch of prep.

Scallops: Soak scallops in milk for 30 minutes prior to cooking. The casein in milk binds to the amino acids in the fish that produce the fishy smell no one loves. Just prior to cooking, wash away the milk to get a sweeter-tasting scallop.

Lobsters: Using kitchen shears or a very sharp chef’s knife, cut lengthwise through the top center of the lobster’s shell. Be careful not to cut past the shell into the flesh. Spread the shell apart to reveal the delicious white meat. Remove the black vein that runs down the center, pull the meat up, and rest on the top of the shell to be broiled.

Clams: Soak clams in salt water for 30 minutes to an hour prior to cooking. Make sure this water is as salty as the ocean. Fresh water will put them into shock and kill the clams. A good soak in salt water will help them filter clean water through their shells to remove sand and particles.

  1. Assemble all of the seafood on a broiling pan. Place a few pads of butter on top of the shellfish, and garnish with whatever fresh herbs you have on hand (rosemary, oregano, thyme—or all three!).
  2. Broil for 15 minutes on medium heat, until the clams have opened and the shellfish has turned opaque. In the event that the broiler becomes too hot and some singing occurs, simply move the rack down a notch and allow the seafood to bake/broil until the clams open.
  3. Melt half a stick of butter over medium heat. Drizzle some over the broiled seafood. Leave the rest handy for additional slathering and dipping. Serve piping hot.

Recipe and Styling by Justin Matase / Story by Star Laliberte / Photography by Dave Bryce

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