5 Burger Recipes and Beer Pairings for Memorial Day

Fire up the grill and dust off the cooler, because Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner! It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family, and what better way to do that than with a backyard barbecue? This year, elevate your burger game with a variety of delicious recipes with unique flavor combinations to amaze your friends and family. Chef Jackie Page includes a perfectly paired beer to complement each burger so you can create the ultimate Memorial Day feast.

Balkan Burger with Roasted Pepper Relish

An aerial shot of Three Balkan Burgers sitting on a green plate. Off to the right side are bowls of toppings.

This European twist on an American burger uses the perfect spice blend of paprika, cumin, and garlic. For an extra blast of flavor, we stuff our Balkan Burger with gooey feta cheese and dress it with a Roasted Pepper Relish called ayvar in that part of the world! 

Beer Pairing: Solar Eclipse from Eleventh Hour Brewing Co. is rich and decadent with a hint of chocolate. This burger and beer combination is a match made in heaven. The style is a Baltic Porter with a 6.3% ABV.

Korean Lamb Burger

a thick double burger made of lamb with a fancy herb garnish on top on a black plate with a brown background

The high fat content in lamb makes it a juicy contender for the best burger protein. Spice up your get together with our Korean Lamb Burger. It’s full of hot Asian flavors plus a topping of kimchi and homemade seasoned mayonnaise.

Beer Pairing: Something Wild from Coven is tart, sweet, and delicious. This pick compliments the lamb and cuts the richness of the burger. The style is a fruited sour and comes in at 4.8% ABV

Great Gourmet Burger

On a wood picnic table sits a wooden board covered in Great Gourmet Burgers with drinks nearby and a bowl of potato salad.

The ultimate four-meat extravaganza comes in the form of the Great Gourmet Burger. Bite into bacon, beef, turkey, and pork all at once. In order to let the different meats fill the flavor profile, the only topping you really need for this recipe is sharp cheddar cheese, but if you’re a fan of a particular condiment…slather up and enjoy! 

Beer Pairing: Tides from Lolev Beer really elevates the flavor of this burger to a new level. This is Italian style Pilsner is a delicious pairing and takes the burger to a new level. It is a New England IPA and has a 7% ABV.

Turkey and Black Bean Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

An aerial view of a Turkey and Black Bean Burger, Sweet Potato Fries, blueberrys, and kiwi slices sitting on a light green plate against a green background.

Turkey and black bean patties are two popular alternatives to your basic beef burger. So, why not combine them both? After you grill up our Turkey and Black Bean Burger, serve it with Sweet Potato Fries for the ultimate healthy but hearty combination.

Beer Pairing: Saichuan by Hazel Grove Brewing is a fruited sour, dry, peppery, and light. This balances like a seesaw with the turkey burger’s spices. It’s a is Saison style beer and has a  6.8% ABV

Animal Burgh’er

A burger sits on a table in front of a container of fries and bowl of mashed potatoes.

Smash burgers are popular for their thin and crispy style and plethora of possible toppings. This Animal Burgh’er gets its name from the fresh basil, tomato, cream cheese, jalapeños, and onion that slather the patties. It’s so hefty you’re definitely going to need two hands to tackle it.

Beer Pairing: Rally from Allegheny City Brewing will cool the heat of this spicy burger with its smooth drinkability. This is a German Pilsner style beer with a 5% ABV.

Story by Kylie Thomas and Chef Jackie Page

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